Mar 05, 2020

Your special day has been picked, and now comes all the amazing decisions that come with it; venue, food, colors, but maybe one of the biggest decisions that you will make is on what you will wear. Choosing your best wedding dress can seem like a daunting task, but with the right help and a good timeline, this should be a fun experience. The key is to keep an open mind and use a reputable bridal boutique who will get to know you and guide you each step of the way. 

Every bride wants to feel her absolute best on their wedding day, so having the most flattering bridal gown is an important step towards making that happen. Like any important purchase, choosing the best wedding dress will require a little bit of work, but your wedding planner and bridal boutique specialists are here to help you take away that stress. With their help and following these three steps, you will be on your way.


Give yourself plenty of time. Choosing the best wedding dress is not like just shopping for another formal dress. It is important to understand that when ordering this once in a lifetime dress there is a unique timeline. After you select a bridal gown there is still more to do to make it perfect. It usually takes four to six months for your dress to be delivered to your boutique. Once it arrives, up to two more months will be needed for alterations and customizations. By giving yourself nine to twelve months, you will have ample time to create your wedding dress. Knowing the timeline and organizing yourself accordingly will help make your planning much more relaxing.


Do your research beforehand. Creating a Pinterest board or idea journal to save photos of dresses or accessories you like is a great way to organize your vision in one place. This will help you cut back on some of the choices and make your options seem more manageable. Think about the different silhouettes, the style of your wedding, and how you want your dress to make you look and feel. Keep in mind you don’t have to make this big decision alone. Utilize friends and family who know you and your style to help you pare down tough choices. Look to social media, bridal websites and magazines to find ideas and information to help you go into your first consultation feeling armed with a plethora of knowledge about bridal gowns. Determining a general direction on the type of dress you are looking for ahead of time will help the bridal boutique staff point you toward the best options and wedding dress designers available to meet your needs.  


Be yourself but have an open mind. With the first two steps complete, you will be much closer to choosing the best wedding dress for yourself. While you may have limited your options to styles, colors, and designers that you like, it is also a great idea to keep an open mind. The bridal gowns you see will look completely different on the hanger than it will look on you. Trying on something you haven’t considered before may end up surprising you. Even if it isn’t something that you originally thought would be your choice, a different style can inspire ideas for customizations and accessories to go with your final selection.


By following these three steps and utilizing the expertise of the staff at the bridal boutique, finding the perfect wedding dress can be a fun and exciting part of your wedding planning journey


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