Aug 01, 2019

Shopping for a wedding dress is an exciting time for a bride. For the first time, she will truly see herself as a bride, with visions of herself walking down the aisle towards her partner. With the purchase of a bridal gown being such a significant part of the wedding process, brides want to feel like they are being cared for and catered to during their appointments. Bridal salons that put their focus on the bride and not just a sale, often have a much better chance of making a bride happy.

Brides visit bridal gown boutiques to find their dream dress, and sometimes that requires more help if a bride is unsure of her vision. Consultants from bridal salons should be able to help a bride narrow down her focus and find the perfect wedding dress that will make her shine on her big day.


  1. Overwhelm you with too many styles

Most of the time, brides come into a bridal salon with an idea of what they would like to see themselves in. Having a predetermined idea can make a bridal consultant’s job much easier because it eliminates specific dresses so they can home in on wedding gowns that will work best for the bride’s vision. A knowledgeable bridal consultant won’t pull a myriad of styles and silhouettes of gowns if they know a bride prefers a specific type because not only will it waste time during the appointment, but it could also mean a confused bride leaving without a dress.

When brides come into a bridal gown boutique with no idea where to begin, a consultant can pull a few trial dresses in different styles so the bride can narrow her focus to what shape looks best. From there, the consultant can target wedding dresses that fit the style they like the most without filling the dressing room with maybes instead of winners.


  1. Show you gowns over budget

Weddings can be expensive affairs. A bride’s wedding gown is part of the budget that goes into the overall wedding. Sticking to a bride’s budget is important because overspending in one area may mean there won’t be enough resources to cover another aspect of the ceremony or reception. Staying within a bride’s budget can help relieve a lot of wedding day stress.

Putting a bride in a dress she cannot afford is one of the worst things a bridal consultant can do. If that bride falls in love with that dress, she can’t leave the store with it, and every dress she tries on after will never live up to it. Thinking that the bridal boutique might make a more significant sale if a bride tries on a more expensive dress will most certainly backfire on both parties. If the bride says she has a little wiggle room with her budget, a consultant can bring in dresses that are just a pinch above budget. But if a bride is firm on her budget, the bridal boutique needs to be responsible and follow it.


  1. Allow you to buy a gown you don’t love

The best bridal salons aren’t only interested in making the sale, they want the entire process to be a memorable one, and that starts with finding a bride’s dream dress. Some brides will come in with very opinionated groups who are stuck in a vision they believe is perfect for the bride. If the opinions of family and friends begin to overwhelm and sway the bride, it’s essential that a consultant takes the bride to the side and speaks privately with her about what she really wants. Sometimes, just knowing that a bride has someone on their side is enough for them to stand up for themselves and pick the dress that they love over a gown other people want them to choose.

Wedding gown shopping should be a fun and exciting time, where a woman can see herself as a blushing bride on her wedding day. With big entourages or opinions, the bride’s vision can be lost in the fray. A seasoned bridal salon will know when to step in to provide comfort and support and when to back away and give the bride a moment to see herself and her beauty. 

When searching for the right bridal salon, take these three things into consideration and make sure the salon associates are helping you to choose the perfect dress for you, with the right style and within your budget. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please reach out to us today.