3 Things You Need to Consider When Picking Out a Bridal Headpiece

3 Things You Need to Consider When Picking Out a Bridal Headpiece

3 Things You Need to Consider When Picking Out a Bridal Headpiece. Mobile Image

Jul 10, 2019



If there is one time in life that a woman wants to feel her most beautiful, it’s her wedding day. While the dress is what everyone longs to see, the accompanying enhancements are vital to the total look. Hair and make-up are a large part of getting ready for the big day. Brides take hours to get their hair and make-up just right for their wedding. One of the more popular bridal accessories on trend is bridal headpieces. Some of these hair accessories are adorned with jewels and pearls; others are full of lush, beautiful flower crowns, and don’t forget a tiara for the bride who wants to feel like a queen on her wedding day.

The following are just a couple of things to think about if you’re considering a bridal headpiece for your wedding.

How are you wearing your hair?
Hairstyles for brides have changed over the years, and now pretty much anything goes for hairstyles if it is what the bride pictured for herself. Bridal hair accessories can enhance up-dos, half up half down styles, and of course hair down options.

Hair combs are the most popular choice for bridal hair accessories because they can work with almost any hairstyle. Headbands and tiaras are similar in that they can lend themselves to most hairstyles. The most important question to ask yourself is: should you choose the hairstyle first and then find accessories, or should you find a bridal headpiece you absolutely love and then work your hairstyle around that?

Are you wearing a veil?
The wearing of veils dates back to Greek and Roman times as a way to protect a bride from evil spirits who may want to ruin her happiness. Later in history, veils were worn on and off, but it wasn’t until Queen Victoria wore a veil during her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840 that veils once again returned to weddings as a status symbol.

Many modern brides have begun to forgo the use of a veil in lieu of a headpiece or birdcage. Depending on the type of veil you choose, your hair may need to be worn in a certain style to accommodate it. If you aren’t planning on wearing a veil, then the sky’s the limit. Some wedding veils are made from heavier material which may snag on your hair, while others are made with much lighter fabric that can easily move with the bride.

Modern, classic, or a little bohemian?
Every bride is different. Some brides are modern and prefer not to stick with tradition in terms of bridal accessories. Other brides might be more relaxed in their overall look and theme, which means minimal bridal hair and other accessories.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have classic and bohemian brides. Classic brides will follow tradition and usually wear a wedding veil, but they may also choose to wear some kind of complementary bridal comb or headpiece. Bohemian brides are more likely to choose a flower crown or hair vine to match the relaxed and romantic atmosphere of the wedding itself.

Whether you lean toward tradition or crave a unique look on your wedding day, bridal headpieces can complete your wedding look. Some headpieces will make statements and bring out thoughts of royalty and elegance, while other headpieces will hint at soft and romantic whispers atop the bride’s head. There are a plethora of options when it comes to bridal headwear, from the utterly unique to timeless beauty; veil or no veil, hair up or down, brides can create the look of their dreams for the one day they will always look back on with joy.

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