5 Things You Should Look for When Choosing a Bridal Salon

5 Things You Should Look for When Choosing a Bridal Salon

5 Things You Should Look for When Choosing a Bridal Salon. Mobile Image

Jun 05, 2019


Congratulations! You said, yes! Now, it is time to start planning for the big day. One of the most important decisions for any bride is the dress. All eyes will be on you for this remarkable occasion, and you want to look perfect from head to toe. The odds are that you have a picturesque image already painted in your mind. Choosing the right bridal salon is critical in finding the perfect dress and making the process an enjoyable one. Let’s discuss five things you should look for when choosing a bridal salon.

Know the Price Points They Offer
You need to establish a budget. Consider the realities of your taste and the design options available in your price range. You will likely only be wearing this dress one time, so make sure it is something you can reasonably afford without breaking the bank. This will automatically allow you to narrow down your list of options. Likewise, make sure you are allowing for something you will truly enjoy wearing and seeing in pictures for years to come. You don’t want to look back and regret your purchase. Find a happy medium that you can afford. This is only one part of a wide array of wedding expenses to follow. That said, do some research and make an informed decision on the price point that fits in your budget when choosing the bridal salon that meets your needs.

Know the Designers They Carry
Are you drawn to particular designers and styles? Keep in mind that many bridal gown boutiques only carry a limited number of select designer dresses. Some of the popular chain stores might only carry mass-produced options. If you are looking for something more unique and from a luxury designer or brand, it is important to know that these will likely be limited to more selective bridal boutiques and stores. Find the designers and styles you like best and then ask around. Locate a bridal salon that carries options that draw your interests. This can save you loads of time and frustrations.

Ask if They Do Alterations
Not all bridal salons do alterations; this means that if you choose a boutique that doesn’t offer alterations, you will need to find someone to take on this task for you. The advantage of working with a boutique that has its own seamstress is not only convenient, but you will be working with someone who knows the designers and how their gowns are constructed. This goes a long way in bridal alterations. Be sure to allow plenty of time for multiple fittings, typically 3, throughout the alteration process. Ask about their alteration policies and general price range before choosing a bridal shop. Cancellations and returns are generally not possible once the dress is in the alteration stage. This means you want to be certain it is the right dress for you before making the purchase.

Consider Their Location
Consider the location of the bridal salon you choose. It is normal for a bride to have approximately three fittings plus a final pick-up once the gown is purchased. You want to be sure it isn’t a huge hassle to make it to these fitting and alteration appointments. This should be an enjoyable time and not a nuisance, so consider proximity. Shopping for wedding dresses and seeing the gown you choose start to take the perfect shape and fit should be something you look forward to and not something that becomes another stressor to your busy schedule.

How Do You Like Their Vibe?
Last and certainly not least, do you feel comfortable with the stylists and staff at the bridal salon you choose? The overall vibe you get from a bridal boutique is important. You will be working with them from the moment you purchase a gown to the day you pick it up. You are trusting them with a critical piece of your wedding day—and future memories—and it deserves attention and authentic love. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a place or people that don’t mesh well with your personality and style. It’s your big day, and you deserve nothing less than the best in every aspect. Don’t settle for just an ordinary retail experience.

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