5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoe

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoe

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoe. Mobile Image

Jan 22, 2019

The journey from wedding planning to the altar takes time and patience. There are invitations to send, venue decisions, cake tastings, and millions of other little details to take care of. One aspect a bride might forget is her bridal accessories. Not everyone wants to go over the top with accessories, and you don’t need to, but finding the right details to complement your wedding gown will complete the perfect picture. So what is one of the most important bridal accessories? Your shoes, of course! The right shoe doesn’t only need to look good, but it should also be comfortable since you’ll have them on all day. Here are five tips for choosing the perfect wedding shoe:


A perfect match
Ask for a swatch of fabric from your wedding gown so you can bring it with you when trying on shoes. Not all whites or ivories are the same, so it’s important to make sure that your shades match or are complementary. If you have a specific lace pattern or beading design you want to mimic in your shoes, having a fabric swatch will make your search much easier. If you can’t find exactly what you want, consider having a customized pair of shoes that can be embellished for a unique bridal shoe.


Colors and metallics
Brides have a plethora of choices when it comes to their wedding shoes. If your style leans more toward traditional, you’ll likely look for shoes in white, ivory, or nude. These traditional colors will complete any classic look. But don’t be afraid to choose colors other than white for your bridal shoe, including blue, bright pink, and even black. Metallics such as silver, gold, rose-gold, and copper are popular right now and will add instant shimmer and sophistication to your bridal look.


What to avoid
If your gown is a fine lace or sheer silk or voile, you’ll want to avoid shoes with large crystals, stones, or beading on the toe since your dress may get caught on the shoes, tearing your gown or causing you to trip. Try to find shoes that have a flat design, so nothing is sticking out possibly catching on the fabric of your dress.


Closed or open toe
For brides that want a classic and elegant look, closed-toed shoes are the traditional option. This rule also works well when considering the time of the year the wedding is taking place. For colder months, you’ll want to have your toes covered to help keep you warm. Brides marrying in warmer months often choose strappy sandals and open-toe shoes to allow some extra breathing room. Open-toed shoes are also great for brides that want a more casual or flirty look.


Heel height
When choosing a wedding gown accessory such as shoes, brides need to keep in mind comfort. You will be on your feet all day long, walking down the aisle, taking photos, and dancing the night away. And if you plan on taking photos outside in grassy areas, a high heel may dig into the ground, creating problems. As you try on shoes, be mindful of how comfortable they will be at the end of the night. Many brides who are concerned about comfort, wear high heels for the ceremony, then switch into a lower heel height or a flat shoe for the rest of the evening. You want to be able to dance and have fun, without worrying about pinched toes and foot pain.

No matter which shoes you choose, be sure to break them in before the big day. Wear them around your house for a few hours at a time, and scuff the bottoms on a cement walk so that you won’t slip on slick bottoms on the day of your wedding. Bridal accessories help to complete your overall bridal look, bringing every element together for a cohesive and stunning finale. Many brides covet their wedding shoes and have been dreaming about them for years, while other brides are more about comfort and go with a cute pair of Keds. Whichever kind of bride you are, be you, choose what you like, and walk down that aisle with confidence.