5 Unique Details That Will Make Your Bridal Gown Stand Out

5 Unique Details That Will Make Your Bridal Gown Stand Out

5 Unique Details That Will Make Your Bridal Gown Stand Out. Mobile Image

Jan 09, 2019

A woman’s wedding gown is said to be one of the most important garments she will ever buy. If a bride has been dreaming of her wedding since she was a little girl, it can be hard to turn that fantasy into reality particularly when it comes to finding a bridal gown that fulfills all of those wishes. Brides want to feel that ‘bridal moment’ where they look in the mirror and imagine themselves walking down the aisle toward the person they love most. If you’re looking for a dress that makes a statement, consider these little details that can make any wedding dress even more special.


1. Covered buttons down the back
For gowns that provide a glamorous and timeless appeal, beautiful covered buttons can be a stunning complement to any dress. If a dress is minimal and modern in the front, buttons in the back can add a hint of appeal without being over the top for brides who lean toward simple designs and silhouettes. Moreover, buttons are a classic design feature in dresses that has withstood the changing fashion trends. If you’re a little uneasy about the entire back being buttoned, don’t. Most dresses have a zipper which is then covered in decorative buttons that are purely for show but maintain the look of a buttoned-down back.

2. Three-dimensional flowers or appliqués
Appliqués and flowers have the potential to bring a dress to life. Appliqués add interest to a dress, breaking up the various fabrics with a subtle and beautiful design. Appliqués are most commonly made from lace, but their design can be intricate or simple. In addition, these appliqués can contain beading or pearls that provide a unique element. For brides that love florals, three-dimensional flowers can be a great addition to any dress. As with other aspects of a bridal gown, flowers can add interest whether it be to a neckline, belt, train, or back. Flowers are a very common trend in bridal gowns, and they continue to pop up in new creations.

3. Statement bow
Bows have been a bridal trend for quite some time, and the reason is simple: They add a touch of classic elegance. Brides can choose between structured bows or loose and flowing bows to add extra detail to their wedding gown. Structured bows will add a more traditional and formal style to a gown, whereas loose and unstructured bows provide a very light and bohemian style that is better for casual and relaxed weddings. Bows can also have the effect of adding that “something special” to a dress. So, where it may have seemed plain before, the bow can really make a statement.

4. Impeccable fit
Every bride wants to feel her absolute best on her wedding day, so having a dress that fits perfectly is imperative. A well fit gown should never be too tight that it shows “stress” lines or “pulling”. Ideally, it should skim the body, showing off your best assets.

An experienced bridal salon will be able to seamlessly walk you through the alterations process. There are typically 3 fittings before your wedding day, with your last fitting as close as 2 weeks before the big day.

5. Detailed back
Wedding gowns come in so many styles, colors, fits, and designs. For brides that want a bit of extra drama, a detailed back is a fantastic option. A detailed back may be open with beading, have a keyhole, illusion fabric, bows, lace, or bling. This rings true for dresses that seem traditional in the front but have an extravagant back with immense detail. It’s sure to make a statement as a bride walks down the aisle and can make for some stunning photographs.

There are thousands of beautiful wedding dresses to choose from. Some brides fall in love with a dress right away, while others take their time to find the gown. We’re here to help you narrow down their wedding style, and find the gown of your dreams. Most dresses can be customized to fit both your body and the overall inspiration for your wedding. If you’re the kind of bride who wants to stand out from everyone else on her big day, consider these details when trying on wedding gowns.