Alterations: What to Expect

Alterations: What to Expect

Alterations are the most important step in truly bringing your bridal vision to life. After spending months selecting the perfect wedding dress, you deserve to take some extra time to ensure it fits you flawlessly. After all, this is the most special gown of your life, and we’re determined to help you look and feel like royalty in it. Here’s what you can expect out of your alterations process:



When To Start Shopping


There are several steps involved in getting your wedding dress aisle-ready after you order it. It can take several months for your designer to sew your dress and ship it out, so we recommend that you start your shopping journey nine to fourteen months prior to the wedding. It’s never too early to start searching for the wedding dress of your dreams!



Fitting Appointments Timeline



Once you do receive your dress, you should expect to set aside an additional 8 to 12 weeks for alterations before the big day. During this time, we will schedule three fitting appointments for you to come into our boutique, try on your bridal gown, and discuss your alterations with our stylists. We’ll be on top of all the basics, including measuring the perfect length for your skirt, creating a hem, and adding in a bustle.





Our stylists are experts in bridal fashion, and we’re looking forward to helping you sculpt your gown to perfection. Most brides typically only opt for minor fixes, such as finishing touches to the gown’s neckline or sleeves, but we’ll make sure you feel comfortable vocalizing any additional adjustments you may need.


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