Bridesmaids Color Trends

Bridesmaids Color Trends

Wedding planning involves hundreds of details that a couple must think about to make their day perfect. Your choice of wedding colors will influence several other details, so it is more important than you may think.


The couple must choose their wedding colors early on. It will also help you decide on the design of your wedding invitation, bridesmaids' dresses, and overall floral decor based on the wedding color palette.


Color options for bridesmaids dresses are endless! Today we’re going to share some of our current favorite bridesmaids color trends:


Rust/Earth Tones


It's a trend we're loving and want you to know about it! There have been numerous variations of the rust bridesmaid dress popping up around the country in recent months. All skin tones, hair colors, and wedding themes can benefit from rust tones. It fits most dress silhouettes and can be worn in any season.


There is nothing more versatile, unexpected, and passionate than earth tones such as rust, marigold, or navy. With so many shades to choose from, you won't be limited by accessories!


Jewel Tone Bridesmaids Dresses


Looking for something radiant and rich for your bridal party? Consider going with a deep jewel tone like green, blue, or even purple. These colors will truly make your ladies shine! It’s the epitome of elegance and regality, plus there are so many shades that look great on all skin tones.


Print Mixes


What we love about mixing prints for bridesmaids dresses is that it adds such interest and detail to your entire bridal party look! You can choose to have them all wear the same color but with different printed dresses or choose their own hues in the same family. If you’re a bride who wants to steal the show but also celebrate the individual style of your beloved bridesmaids, then this trend is the one for you.




We absolutely adore neutral, light hues for a bridal party! Colors like beige, mauve, light pinks, and more are absolutely stunning as a bridesmaid dress. It’s a great choice because these colors go with all sorts of other shades in a wedding color palette. It’s incredibly versatile and flattering for all!


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