Change Your Look from Ceremony to Reception with One Bridal Gown

Change Your Look from Ceremony to Reception with One Bridal Gown

Change Your Look from Ceremony to Reception with One Bridal Gown. Mobile Image

May 15, 2019


A growing trend for brides is having two bridal gowns on their big day: one for the ceremony and one for the reception. They want a more formal appearance while they say “I do,” but then have the option of switching to party-mode once the reception starts. Who wouldn’t love that?

While having two wedding gowns sounds luxurious and a great idea, in theory, it’s not always realistic from a budget point of view. Having different looks not only means purchasing two dresses, but also altering two dresses, which can add up. Also, you’ve been dreaming about your bridal gown since you were a little girl, it would be a shame to take it off so soon. After all, you only wear your wedding dress once, so make the most of it!

So how can you have two different looks for your wedding day without breaking the bank? Luckily, you can get two very different styles out of one, yes ONE, wedding dress. With a few creative ideas, you’ll be ready from ceremony to reception in no time!


Wear a lace topper
Lace toppers offer a beautiful way to add some vintage elegance to a wedding dress. They offer a touch of modesty and another point of interest to enhance your gown. You can wear a lace topper during the ceremony, especially if you’re in a cooler climate, and then take it off for the reception to show off the top of your dress and perhaps a stunning necklace. You’ll have two different looks without much hassle!

Removable train or overskirt
This is one of the most fun ways to convert one bridal gown to another. Some gowns have trains and overskirts that are designed to be removed to reveal a shorter or slimmer cut gown underneath. That way, you can have a full ball gown for your ceremony and then a sexier more festive look for the reception and dancing. This is a quick change that’ll give you the space to dance the night away.

Add a belt or sash
After the ceremony, you can add a splash of personalization through accessories. One easy addition to your beautiful wedding look is a belt or sash. If your dress is already flashy, a simple satin sash might be plenty. Or maybe a waist-defining belt would add something extra special to a simple gown. Either way, if you want to quickly change your look after marrying your love, consider this timeless accessory.

Change your hair
If you can’t make up your mind about wearing your hair up or down, why not try both? For the ceremony, you can wear a beautiful chignon then pull those bobby pins out for the reception, or vice versa. A lot of brides like the traditional veil during the ceremony but then opt for a gorgeous headpiece after. There are so many different hair accessories to choose from. You can be as unique and glamorous as you want, all with minimal effort.

There’s no need to buy two bridal gowns on your wedding day. While there are plenty of beautiful wedding dresses overflowing your local bridal shop, you can still stick with one dress. Fortunately, there are easy ways to transform a wedding gown to suit your needs. From wearing a lace topper to simply changing your hairstyle, you can have it all!

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