Sep 18, 2019

Looking for a wedding dress that’s feminine and unique, lacy and glamorous, and designed with comfort in mind? You won’t want to ignore the incredible gowns created by Flora Bridal. With unique features inspired by both bohemian and classical styles, a gown from Flora is a unique, timeless choice that will impress everyone at your wedding — and shine in your wedding photos for years to come.


All work is done by hand
Flora bridal gowns are everything you’d expect from designer wedding dresses. Every inch of each dress is meticulously beaded and constructed by hand with unique European lace at Flora’s atelier, in Haifa, Israel. You definitely won’t get anything mass-produced or cookie-cutter with a Flora wedding gown. And attention to detail is a hallmark of Flora gowns, so you can rest easy knowing that each and every element of your Flora dress will be perfect (and unique!).


French and Italian laces
But, though Flora gowns have the luxurious look and unique construction of designer dresses, they are not just like any other designer gowns, either. Flora’s luxurious lace gowns are truly international — and not just because they’re partly inspired by the opulent fashion of 1920s Europe. The brand was developed by designer Rinat Asher, and Flora gowns are created using imported French and Italian laces specifically, with unique patterns and layouts you won’t see elsewhere. Flora Bridal provides more than just your average lace wedding dress.


Meticulously beaded and constructed gowns
Not only does Flora utilize the best French and Italian laces in their designs, but every wedding gown is meticulously constructed with detailed beading that is unique and elegant. Designer wedding dresses come in all styles and designs, so choosing one that incorporates all the important and elegant details you love should be a high priority. When every wedding gown is constructed and beaded by hand, you can rest assured that a gown from Flora Bridal will be an exclusive design that will stand out on your wedding day.


Glamour and comfort
Flora’s use of lace in wedding dresses manages to be delicate and comfortable while also evoking glamour and opulence. Whether it’s a full lace dress or a wedding gown with small lace features, you can be sure that the fabrics used are high-quality and constructed perfectly by hand with special attention to detail. Plus, though “comfortable” is not the first word that comes to mind when describing wedding dresses, Asher’s designs are created with comfort in mind — something every bride can appreciate on her special day.

Whether you’re more interested in looking glamorous and classic, or bohemian and comfortable on your wedding day — or something in between the two— there’s something absolutely perfect for you in Flora’s wedding gown collections. You can check out all the current Flora collections here. Plus, for a great way to see how the gowns actually look, fit, and match a variety of different wedding themes, you can find some ideas and inspiration in these pictures from real brides in Flora gowns. Whatever wedding theme and experience you’re aiming for, from a low-key bohemian ceremony to an all-hands-on-deck wedding experience, you can definitely find a Flora lace gown to match.

Though each gown is hand-constructed in Haifa, Israel, you can now find Flora wedding dresses sold at Flora boutiques and other shops internationally — including here at Bridal Atelier Montclair! Be sure to ask about Flora Bridal gowns when you shop for your own wedding gown, and you can do your own research ahead of time or make an appointment today.