Destination Wedding Dresses

Destination Wedding Dresses

One of the best parts of planning a wedding is the opportunity to organize an event completely authentic to you, your fiancé and your love story. Many couples in the last few years have been opting to take their nuptials international! We’ve compiled a short list of our brides’ most popular wedding destinations and the dresses we know are perfect for them.



Italy has become one of the most popular countries for a destination wedding. With its sweeping landscapes, romantic atmosphere, and rich culture-it’s the perfect cinematic backdrop for your big day. We find our brides who have chosen Italy lean toward very timeless, romantic and dramatic gowns. Think luxurious laces and surprising florals. In a country that feels like such a dream, brides tend to lust for dresses that make them feel like they belong in their own Mediterranean fantasy.


Valentini Spose


Dana Harel




We like to think of Island weddings as being carefree, and kissed by the sea. Our brides who find themselves heading to the Islands for their special day tend to lean towards lightweight, yet luxurious gowns. Whether it’s lace or silk, our Island brides prefer a wedding dress that’s easy to pack and even easier to wear as they party the day and night away.








When it comes to a beach wedding, less is often more. Effortless silhouettes, in beautiful silks and lightweight tulles help brides feel at home in beach settings. There’s something simply stunning about a beautiful bride in a draped silk dress walking down the sand towards their soon-to-be spouse!


Dana Harel






Ireland is a beautiful country steeped in history and lively culture. With its castles and dramatic landscapes it’s understandably a favorite setting for many romantic movies/books. Our brides who tied the knot in Ireland have hosted their weddings in grand historic venues, the celebrations usually culminating in a raucous after party at a local pub. For this, we recommend clean and classic gowns that exude elegance, with bonus options such as detachable toppers or trains!


Sareh Nouri


Anne Barge Couture




In the country that hosts Versailles, luxury and elegance is key. Whether you're getting married in a grand chateau or an intimate vineyard, a bride getting married in France always wants to feel romantic, effortless and chic. The secret trick to looking effortless? Effort. It’s a delicate balance to strike in fashion, for a garment to fit and look so perfect it looks easy. We’ve found our brides lean towards bold detailing and simple silhouettes to create this effect!


Dana Harel


Caroline Castigliano




Greece's natural beauty and cliffside towns provide a breathtaking backdrop for any wedding. Elegant A-line dresses with a touch of pattern or lace to stand out against the whitewashed structures have been the perfect choice for all of our brides.


Caroline Castigliano






Thailand is for our brides who are a bit more adventurous. Brides who feel comfortable traveling around the world and back for their wedding day tend to be just as adventurous in their choice of gown! Bold detailing and simple, airy silhouettes pair perfectly with Thailand’s lush landscapes. Our brides who have chosen Thailand in the past always loved to incorporate unique and tropical florals into their wedding dress!



It Was All A Dream Bridal


Savin London



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