Destination: Wedding Location Trends

Destination: Wedding Location Trends

If you’ve been dreaming about a destination wedding, first of all, we definitely get it! I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of a magnificent destination wedding? There’s something so romantic about a getaway to tie the knot. Finding the perfect location is probably the most important aspect of having a destination wedding, and we’ve noticed that there are definitely some trends right now as far as destination wedding location trends go. Here are three of the top places to get hitched overseas!




Couples seeking a destination wedding in a location with particularly beautiful and memorable surroundings have long favored Greece. Planning a wedding takes months on end for many engaged couples; often, they choose Greece and its many stunning locations as the perfect location.


There are literally hundreds of Greek islands in Greece, a beautiful country. Getting married in Greece is a romantic experience you won't forget any time soon. Greece has something to offer everyone, regardless of where you come from. A destination wedding in Athens or Thessaloniki during the off-season may be an interesting alternative to a wedding on the Greek islands during the summer season months of April through October.


United Kingdom


Whether you’re searching for a castle venue, a barn, or something along the coast, the UK is a beautiful place to have a destination wedding! There are so many venues to choose from that you’d have to do some serious research to nail down all the options you have. For instance, there are tons of barn wedding options in the UK. Over the last few years, barn wedding venues have become increasingly popular. It's easy to see why with tons of rustic charm and a blank canvas to decorate to your theme. And of course, there are SO many indoor locations that feature incredibly luxurious, contemporary styles that 2022 brides will fall in love with!




Naturally, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Italy, or ‘Bel Paese’, as it’s fondly regarded as (meaning “beautiful country”). Your special wedding in Italy will be one that you’ll never forget, and there are endless opportunities for romance. Lake Orta, for example, is an intimate and romantic lake that’s one of the smallest of the Northern Lakes. It’s an incredibly popular spot for a destination wedding! 


Of course, you can always opt for Venice, which is truly a city for lovers. It’s one of the most elegant places to have a wedding in Italy. Whether you’re looking to elope or host a massive ceremony for your friends and family, there is something for you in Venice.  And Verona, which is one of Italy's most romantic and famous cities. Romeo and Juliet was set here in Shakespeare's tragedy. The city of lovers has been referred to as Verona ever since then.

We hope these have inspired you for planning your destination wedding! And if you’re ready to find the perfect wedding gown, book your appointment with us today!