Extra Luxury Services Your Bridal Salon Should be Offering You

Extra Luxury Services Your Bridal Salon Should be Offering You

Extra Luxury Services Your Bridal Salon Should be Offering You. Mobile Image

Jul 03, 2019


Finding your perfect wedding dress is a magical moment — and it’s even better if you find it at your perfect bridal salon. That’s right — not all bridal shops are created equal! Some provide you with just the dress, and some will offer a variety of extra services to make sure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. Ideally, you want the second kind, and we’re here to help you with that!

Before you go shopping for wedding dresses, do your research and find out what each bridal salon offers. And to help that research, keep reading to learn about the top three extra luxury services your bridal salon should be offering you:

1. Expert Alterations. Once you’ve found the perfect bridal gown, the work doesn’t stop there! You’ll still need to make sure it fits perfectly. There are definitely wonderful tailors and seamstresses available apart from any bridal gown boutique, but we always recommend having your gown altered at the same place you bought it, if possible.

We recommend this for several reasons. First of all, any seamstresses and/or tailors at a bridal salon are definitely experienced at altering wedding dresses specifically — and that’s important, because wedding dress alterations are not the same as alterations to an everyday dress. And secondly, it’s likely that a seamstress at the bridal shop where you bought your gown has experience altering that exact gown before. Essentially, it’s just more likely that you’ll get great service from highly experienced tailors at your bridal salon — which ensures you’ll have a dress that fits like you just right while having peace of mind in the process.

2. Day-Of Wedding Services. Ask any bridal shop where you’re planning to look for dresses whether they offer any help for brides on the day of the wedding. Having a professional available to you on the day of the wedding can help you complete your look, make sure everything fits perfectly, and ensure everything is in place for photos. From steaming your dress, to styling your entire look and cleaning any accidental stains, to handling any last-minute crises or challenges — to even just easing your anxiety! — having day-of wedding services from your bridal gown boutique can be a stress-buster and sometimes a lifesaver.

3. Cleaning & Preservation. This service is up to your personal preference; specifically, it’s helpful only if you plan to keep your bridal gown after the wedding. If not, it’s less important (but if you’re planning to sell the gown, expert cleaning is a good thing to keep in mind!)

However, if you plan to keep your wedding dress — as most brides do — cleaning and preservation are indispensable. You’ll be able to preserve your wedding dress as a keepsake, and even hand it down to the next generation! Plus, you can have more peace of mind at the wedding itself knowing that even if your dress were to get dirty or stained, you’ll have expert cleaning services at your fingertips to take care of it.

Buying your gown from a bridal salon that offers extra luxury services really helps make the wedding planning process — and the day itself — much easier for a lot of brides. Between alterations, wedding day assistance, and cleaning and preserving your perfect gown after your wedding, that extra help can also really boost peace of mind!

If any (or all!) of these services sound like something you need or want for your wedding, keep them in mind when you research and make appointments at bridal boutiques. And remember that these services all work together to make sure your dress looks great and fits perfectly on your wedding day!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for finding your perfect dress, please reach out to us today.