Floral Trends

Floral Trends

Over the past year, the wedding industry has changed a lot. Elopements have become more popular, and the COVID-necessary micro wedding doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. So naturally, with this comes a renewed approach to traditional wedding decorations—with florals being one of the most rapidly evolving trends, as couples’ want for their weddings shifts. So for brides looking to shake up their wedding florals and no idea where to start, we’re featuring floral designer Amy Grofton of Studio Nectar and some of her favorite new trends in wedding florals.





One of the defining characteristics of your wedding decor, color helps set a background tone for your wedding, complementing the overall aesthetic and tying your decor together. Lately, couples have been opting for colors outside of the traditional bridal palettes—bright colors and bold tones that better suit the couple’s style or have personal meaning have changed the way couples choose their colors (and, subsequently, their flowers). For example, some couples opt for all monochrome flowers, utilizing different textures and varying shades of one color. In contrast, others opt for ranges of deep earth tones with subtle hints of color throughout.


Seasonal and Local Blooms



As awareness of climate change increases, so does the demand for a more environmentally-friendly bouquet. Locally sourced and in-season florals and greenery are moving into the spotlight, prompting unique and unconventional floral arrangements. As couples fall in love with local plants, varieties like clematis vine, bearded iris, sweet pea, and hellebore add a gorgeous touch to bridal bouquets—along with the sentimentality of incorporating a local touch into your decor.


The Petite Bridal Bouquet



With the rising popularity of intimate micro weddings, the petite bridal bouquet is becoming a more suitable option for small weddings, matching the scale of your ceremony. The small bouquet makes your flower selections more intentional, and while small, it can make a huge impact. A well-done petite bouquet adds to your bridal gown subtly without overpowering it, keeping the bride as the star of the show.


Dynamic Tablescapes



Changes in wedding celebrations for health and safety have made the table a key part of your wedding day—guests enjoy more time at their tables, so it makes sense that the focus on table decor has been emphasized. Personal details worked into the tablescape are becoming a more coming and more important part of the decoration. Books, photos, crystals, and even fruit have become regulars on today’s couples tables.