For the Maid of Honor: Elegant Bridal Brunch Idea

For the Maid of Honor: Elegant Bridal Brunch Idea

For the Maid of Honor: Elegant Bridal Brunch Idea. Mobile Image

Dec 16, 2019

Hosting a bridal brunch is a great way to celebrate the bride and her upcoming wedding day. After all, everyone can find something they’ll like on a brunch menu. Not only that, but there are plenty of bridal brunch ideas that will separate your event from the rest.  Food bars, fresh flowers, and light decor are only some of the areas where you can flex your creativity when it comes to hosting an elegant bridal brunch.




Bridal brunch invitations

In the time of e-invites, nothing stands out more than printed invitations. Physical invitations made of heavy card stock with rich patterns are a simple yet elegant way to let guests know the details of the bridal brunch. Be sure to include the date, time, location, attire, registry, and if the event is a surprise. Remember to send your invitations out at least one month in advance.



The location should be the top of your bridal brunch ideas list. It should be at a place that speaks to the bride’s personality and interests. Would she prefer outdoors, a chic restaurant, or another gorgeous venue? Whatever you choose, make sure it can accommodate everything you want out of the perfect brunch.



Bridal brunch food ideas are never in short supply. Choose lighter foods so the bride’s guests can move around and greet one another easily. Consider food stations like yogurt parfaits, mini quiches, sandwiches, and fresh fruit. If the brunch is catered, work with the vendor to create a menu that the bride will adore. 


Mimosa bar

Nothing says brunch like a mimosa bar filled with fresh juices and sophisticated champagne so guests can be creative when making their dream drinks. Offer fresh fruits, like strawberries, to make the drinks truly delicious. For those not interested in mimosas, provide a crisp rosé that’s always a sophisticated crowd-pleaser.


Light decor

Since bridal brunches take place in the daytime, keep the decor light and airy. Instead of candles and lighting, focus on florals and greenery. A pastel color palette that showcases the bride’s theme or favorite color brings it all together. Make sure the invitations, accessories, and thank-you cards all use the same color scheme too. The bride will love and appreciate your attention to detail.


Tea party

Hosting a tea party bridal brunch is both timeless and elegant. Choose classic teapots, cups, utensils, and saucers with delicate patterns. As a bonus, you can serve tea-party inspired food like finger sandwiches, crackers, and cookies. 


Fresh flowers

For the event, make sure to include fresh flowers on every table. The best way to ensure freshness is to choose flowers that are in season. For example, calla lilies in winter, tulips in spring, marigolds in summer, and dahlias in the fall.  As the Maid of Honor, you know exactly what your bride is looking for in a pre-wedding celebration. Having everyone she loves to come together for a sweet daytime gathering will make her feel special. With tons of bridal brunch ideas out there, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect combination of food, drink, and style to make lasting memories.


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