Mar 26, 2019

 You’re newly engaged, and finding your dream wedding gown is most likely at the top of your to-do list! You’ve been saving beautiful wedding dresses to your private Pinterest board for years and have been following your favorite designers on Instagram. It’s a fun and exciting time, but before you run out and buy the first bridal gown that catches your eye, you need to remember that this is a significant purchase and different than any other gown you’ve purchased—for many reasons.

The most obvious reason is cost. Your wedding gown will most likely be the most expensive dress you’ll ever purchase. With prices ranging from $500 up to $10,000 and beyond, your bridal gown comes with a substantial price tag. There will also be strong emotions wrapped up in this shopping experience. For many brides, they’ve been dreaming about trying on gowns in a bridal shop since they were a little girl. And because this gown will be made to order, once you decide it’s the one, you won’t be able to change your mind or return it. So you need to fall in love with your bridal gown and be confident in your decision.


Here are some other reasons why buying your bridal gown is different than any other gown you’ve ever purchased. Keep these points in mind as you start shopping at bridal shops and begin the process of narrowing down your dream dress!


You should feel like a bride
Feeling like a bride means something different for everyone. For some women, it’s the grand ball gown fit for a princess, while other brides love the stylish, sophisticated look that a sheath or fit to flare evokes. Maybe it’s a cathedral veil, a long train, or a fun and flirty short dress. Whatever your style, you should feel like a bride on your wedding day. To find this perfect wedding gown that transforms you into a bride, you need to visit a bridal shop that treats you like a bride. Private appointments where you’re the center of attention will allow you to try on the gowns you’ve always dreamed about and also learn about styles that may fit your shape and theme perfectly. You don’t want to feel pressured or rushed making this decision. Your bridal consultant will make the day fun and exciting, offering various styles and designers that he or she thinks will look great on you. They’re there for support in helping you find your dream gown.


Pictures last forever!
As the bride, you will be everyone’s focal point of the day—and will be in the majority of the pictures taken at your wedding. You will be seen from all angles! Your wedding gown should reflect the importance of this day in your life—and should also be a timeless look. You’ll have your wedding pictures forever, so now is not the time to pick a trendy gown that doesn’t suit your personality or a casual dress off the rack that’s not fitting with the formality of your event. You want to not only look great in pictures this year but also 20 years from now.


Now is not the time to experiment
As a bride, you want to make a statement in your wedding gown, but it shouldn’t be the wrong statement! Now is not the time to experiment with different styles or shapes that you’ve never worn before. Your wedding gown should reflect who you are at this point in your life. If you’ve always dressed in traditional and classic styles, a sexy slip dress may not be fitting with who you are or the feel of your wedding day. You not only want to look like the most beautiful version of yourself on your wedding day, but you also want to be comfortable with how you look as you walk down the aisle and hit the dance floor for your first dance. You’ll be the center of attention and should radiate in a wedding gown that’s in keeping with your style. An experienced bridal consultant will help you find the gown that reflects who you are.


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