How to Ensure You Hire the Right Person for Your Wedding Dress Alterations

How to Ensure You Hire the Right Person for Your Wedding Dress Alterations

How to Ensure You Hire the Right Person for Your Wedding Dress Alterations. Mobile Image

Jun 27, 2019


When it comes to your wedding, we know the dress is a hugely important part of most brides’ day. Wedding dress shopping has become almost a rite of passage for brides, and there’s nothing like finding the dress that’s perfect for you and your wedding. However, it’s really important to remember that finding the perfect dress is just half of the equation! Making sure that dress fits just right is equally important — and that’s why you need to make sure you hire the right person for your wedding dress alterations. 

Every bride who will wear a wedding dress needs it to fit perfectly — we know! So read on for our top tips to ensure you hire the right person for your wedding dress alterations.

1) Make sure they are experienced specifically with bridal alterations. Altering a wedding dress is not the same as altering an off-the rack dress — which means even if you know a wonderful tailor or seamstress for everyday clothes, you should still look for someone who specializes in wedding dresses. Getting recommendations from friends and family is always a good idea (but make sure they’re specifically for bridal gown alterations!), and, if possible, look at online comments from past customers to see what other brides have to say about their experience.

2) Work with a salon that offers in-house alterations. The most ideal scenario is to have your alterations done through your bridal boutique. Not only will you be absolutely sure you’re working with an experienced wedding dress seamstress, but it’s likely the in-house seamstress has experience with your specific dress, giving her insight into its specific nuances. 

3) Ask them for a price range from the start — and don’t assume that a price range from one seamstress or boutique will carry over to another. Bridal alteration pricing can vary greatly from state to state and even seamstress to seamstress, so make sure to ask for an estimate from each one you consult with. It may be unlikely that they can quote you an exact figure, but they should be able to give you a range — and that way, you can choose wisely and not be surprised by the bill when your bridal alterations are all done!

4) Schedule an in-person consultation with your tailor or seamstress. Meeting in person with prospective seamstresses or tailors is crucial to making your decision. It’s a great way to go over the specifics of your gown, discuss your visions for the alterations, and make sure you feel comfortable with one another. Seeing the dress can also help your tailor or seamstress give you a more accurate price estimate, so you won’t be surprised by having to pay more than you expected. Plus, you’ll be able to get a better idea of all the possibilities available for the alterations, guaranteeing that the end product will truly be your dream bridal gown.

Remember — your dream wedding dress is only as good as its fit on the day of your wedding! Keeping these four best practices in mind will help you to find the perfect person to make alterations on your perfect dress and make sure it fits like a glove.

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