How to Find the Right Company for Wedding Gown Preservation

How to Find the Right Company for Wedding Gown Preservation

How to Find the Right Company for Wedding Gown Preservation. Mobile Image

Oct 30, 2019

Your big day has come to an end and you are elated by the memories of such a beautiful occasion. As you start your journey as a newlywed, it is certainly normal to look for ways to capture that special day and ensure it doesn’t go forgotten. You want to cherish every moment and detail possible. You have the photographs, but there is something extra special about being able to tangibly touch and show off certain keepsakes. Your dress was likely one of the largest investments and focal points from your wedding. Why not ensure it lasts for generations to come? Professional wedding gown preservation is a great way to turn your gown into a cherished piece of history.


Ask your bridal boutique
Your bridal boutique is going to be a local resource for all things wedding. They will probably have a list of recommendations and options for a number of bridal services, including wedding gown preservation. There are a variety of methods and ideas when it comes to gown preservation. It will likely start with a professional wedding dress cleaning. From there, you will choose how you want it preserved and/or displayed. The overall goal is the same: you want to ensure it looks the same way it did on your wedding day for as long as possible. Light, air, and time can wreak havoc on your beautiful gown if it is not properly protected. Imagine your future children or grandchildren having the opportunity to appreciate it firsthand. These are the types of moments created by professional preservation. You certainly don’t want to see your dress discolored and deteriorating as the years pass.


Get feedback from other previous brides
Word of mouth still remains one of the best sources when considering options on any business or service. Ask around! Previous brides will gladly share positive and negative experiences alike. You probably take the time to read reviews and ask opinions about a new restaurant before going. So, why wouldn’t you do the same for a decision like preserving one of your most precious memories? You never know what the future holds and when you might want to revisit the time when you were wrapped in something so luxurious and symbolizes such an important life event. Quality wedding gown preservation can help ensure your precious memory is protected, so do a little homework and ask for recommendations.


Work with a well-established company
This is not something you want to leave to chance. “How to preserve a wedding dress” is not something you want to type into Google and then try on your own. Leave it to the professionals rather than just hope and a prayer. Work with a reputable and well-established company that won’t leave you with regrets in 50 years. The company you choose should come with a track record of dealing with high-end and designer gowns over an extended period of time. Word of mouth and reviews are a great place to start when researching your options. Certain fabrics might require a little more attention than others. Be sure the ones servicing your dress have the experience and means to handle it correctly.


Knowing your gown has been properly cleaned and sealed in a way to preserve it for decades to come is certainly worth the investment. You took a great deal of time picking out the perfect dress and deserve to share its beauty with future generations or even just to take an occasional look back for your own enjoyment. Quality wedding gown preservation is an important step in ensuring this remains a possibility. 

If you have any questions about preserving your gown or are looking for the perfect dress, please reach out to our team today.