How to Have a Relaxed & Successful Wedding-Dress Shopping Experience

How to Have a Relaxed & Successful Wedding-Dress Shopping Experience

How to Have a Relaxed & Successful Wedding-Dress Shopping Experience. Mobile Image

Jan 16, 2019

You just got engaged and all you’ve been thinking about it is your wedding dress! Sure, you need to sit down and figure out wedding finances with your fiancé and you really should secure a venue and date, but you CAN’T STOP thinking about your gown. We understand! You’ve most likely been dreaming about this gown since you were a little girl, and now the time is finally here to go try on gowns in search of your dream dress. Planning a wedding can be a stressful time, but wedding dress shopping shouldn’t add to your anxiety. Shopping for a dress should be an exciting and intimate moment that is savored and enjoyed. Here are some wedding-dress shopping tips that will enable you to have a relaxed and successful shopping experience.


Do your research
Read through wedding magazines and search Pinterest and Instagram for styles and designers that you love. There are so many options in all different price ranges, so make sure that you find a salon that matches your budget when wedding-dress shopping. This is not the time to overextend yourself since you’ll have so many other upcoming expenses associated with your wedding. Do your research and find the wedding-dress salons that carry designers you like. Focus your attention on enjoying the experience and taking in these special moments with family and friends as you lead up to your big day. Ask about any upcoming trunk shows with designers that you love, where they often offer discounts, complimentary veils and/or customizations. This can be the best time to buy a wedding dress. Also, inquire if they offer sales or incentives during certain times of the year. Picking a less busy time of the year may mean you will get a little extra attention. A little research will help you narrow down the selections to find to find the perfect shop and your perfect dress.


Bring a small group
While many friends and relatives will want to accompany you on your dress shopping, it’s best to keep your group small. Everyone has their own points of view, but you’ll want to limit the number of opinions while trying on gowns. Too many people can create confusion during an appointment and take attention away from you. Keep wedding-dress shopping for just extra-close family and friends, such as your mom, sister, and maid of honor. This will also add to the excitement when everyone else sees your wedding dress for the first time as you walk down the aisle.


Have an open mind
When it comes to wedding-dress shopping it’s important to keep an open mind and give different silhouettes and styles a chance. It is not uncommon to see something in a picture that you love until you try it on. Trust your bridal shop associate to offer suggestions when trying on wedding dresses, since they’re truly the expert and will most likely know which shapes may look best on you. Don’t count anything out before you try it. You not only want to look good, but you also need to feel comfortable since you’ll be spending all day and night in this special gown. When you think you’ve found the one, be sure that you can walk, bend over, and sit down in it. Keep it on for a little bit in the salon to make sure it’s the one.


Give yourself plenty of time
Perhaps the most important tip is to leave yourself enough time. We recommend that you go wedding-dress shopping 9 months to a year before your wedding day. This will allow enough time for all alterations to be made with multiple fittings to ensure the look and fit that you want is achieved. It is not uncommon for custom changes or materials to be ordered. You want to be sure that your seamstress has plenty of time to complete all alterations and special instructions before your wedding day.

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