How to Pick the Right Veil for Your Wedding Dress

How to Pick the Right Veil for Your Wedding Dress

One of the most iconic bridal accessories, your veil is an important part of your wedding day look. If you’re looking for the perfect veil, there’s several factors to consider: the length, any embellishments, and your personal style all impact which veil will work best with your wedding dress. 




One of the biggest keys to your veil is its length. The length of your veil should work with your silhouette, bringing out its elegance without overpowering the shape. Our biggest tip for brides looking for long veils is to have the veil’s train at least a foot longer than your dress’s. This way, your veil flows elegantly over the gown without cutting off the flow of the skirt.




When looking for your veil, think about your dress: if you have a gorgeous, highly embellished dress, you may want to opt for a simple veil so that the veil and your dress don’t compete or clash. However, if you want an embellished veil to suit your embellished gown (who doesn’t love a statement!), look for a veil that matches. Plenty of designers craft gorgeous, decadent veils to match their gowns—this may be the perfect choice for your dress!




If you’ve chosen a more sleek, simple gown, your veil is a perfect opportunity to personalize your look. Something as simple as a satin ribbon along the edge of the veil can add a gorgeous detail to your dress. Find a veil that really speaks to your personal style, so you can make your dress your own at Bridal Atelier Montclair!