Apr 08, 2019

With all of your focus on finding your dream wedding gown, it’s easy to forget the other bridal accessories that you’ll need the day of your wedding. Of course, you’ll most likely wear a veil or headpiece along with beautiful jewelry, but there are smaller details that are just as important. They can make all the difference in how you look and feel on your wedding day, so you’ll want to know what they are and have them available. Here are five essential wedding-dress accessories that every bride needs.


1. Shapewear
To feel secure and confident in your unique bridal gown, we highly recommend investing in quality shapewear and undergarments. The right bra will not only keep everything in place but will also keep the fabric on your gown smooth and wrinkle-free. Choose a color that’s similar to your gown so that it won’t be noticeable if your dress slips out of place. If you’re wearing a strapless gown, you may need a strapless bra. For mermaid and trumpet-style dresses, consider a bustier. For a sheath, you’ll want a bustier and Spanx to eliminate any lines. And for backless gowns or halter styles, you may need an adhesive bra or breast lift tape. Talk to your seamstress at your first fitting about which of these bridal accessories will make you look your best in your gown, and wear these undergarments a few times to break them in before the big day. You want to know that you’ll be comfortable—and look great—long before your walk down the aisle.


2. A handful of safety pins in case your bustle gets stepped on
If your wedding gown has a train, you’ll most likely have it bustled for your reception so that you can comfortably walk around and dance all night without it dragging and getting caught underfoot. When you’re being fitted for your gown, the seamstress will talk to you about which unique bridal bustle you’d like, and they’ll attach hooks or ribbons so that your mom or maid of honor can bustle your gown on your big day. But no matter how well your seamstress makes the bustle, there’s always the chance that it will break, either because someone steps on it, or simply from the weight of your gown and all of the walking, dancing, and mingling you’ll be doing the day of your wedding. This is why safety pins are an important bridal accessory to pack in your bag so that one of your maids can pin your dress at the broken bustle point. Just one safety pin can be a huge lifesaver.


3. A steamer to refresh your gown after it comes out of the garment bag
Your bridal salon will safely pack your wedding gown in a large bridal garment bag to ensure that it doesn’t become damaged in the days or weeks before your big day. The only problem is that your dress may become a bit wrinkled or creased while kept under wraps, particularly around the train. A hand-held steamer is the perfect wedding-dress accessory to refresh your gown so that it will be in pristine shape for your walk down the aisle. If you’ve never used a steamer before, be sure to do a trial run on a different item of clothing first. You don’t want to apply the steam directly to your gown, which could leave water spots. Instead, place a white cloth in between your gown and the steamer, keeping your gown safe and sound.


4. Fashion tape to hold your gown in place
Strapless and deep v-neck wedding gowns are very popular and look so pretty. But they’re not always so practical. If you’re concerned about your wedding gown staying in place while dancing, raising your arms, or bending over, you may want to consider using what the celebrities wear on the red carpet: fashion tape. This double-sided tape tightly affixes the fabric on your gown to your skin so that nothing will fall or slide out of place. It’s added insurance—and a unique bridal detail—that many brides need to know about for their wedding.


5. A small purse or clutch for essentials
While this detail may seem like an obvious bridal accessory, don’t forget a small clutch that you can carry everywhere the day of your wedding. A beaded, silk or lace bag that’s just big enough to carry your phone, lip gloss, a few tissues (in case you get a bit emotional), glasses, and any necessary medication can be left in the car during your ceremony and at your table or in the bridal suite during the reception. This way you can keep your necessities close by, yet still, look stylish and chic with this wedding-dress accessory.

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