Novelty Wedding Gown Textures

Novelty Wedding Gown Textures

Wedding dresses take on many shapes and styles, from sweetheart necklines to low-backs to cathedral-length trains. A classic white gown isn't the only option when it comes to your dream wedding dress. There are so many gorgeous gowns full of color and textures! Today, we’re showcasing some of our favorite novelty wedding gown textures perfect for the bold bride-to-be!



 Savin London




Painted florals are one of our favorite wedding gown textures. For brides who want subtle color and a true work of art, a hand-painted wedding gown is as captivating and unique as nature itself. Painting details are popular in wedding decor and design, so it's no surprise that this dress design element incorporates them. 


Savin London is a luxury brand that does hand-painted fabrics flawlessly, with an elegant blend of craftsmanship, beautiful hand-painted fabrics, and breathtaking silks and laces.




Anne Barge Couture



If you've ever shopped for fabric, you've probably seen jacquard without even knowing it! Instead of printing or dyeing on the surface, the pattern is woven into the fabric itself. Jacquard refers to how a pattern is woven rather than the pattern itself. It's a sixth-century novelty fabric that's still popular today! Integrating a jacquard into a bridal gown can give a classic, simple gown an element.




 Dana Harel




There is nothing more spectacular than a beaded bridal gown. Dana Harel, the designer behind her eponymous label, loves to create custom-designed fabrics! This style is ideal for brides who want to have an unforgettable wedding day while also feeling as luxurious as possible. If you're looking for handmade, embellished, high-quality luxury gowns, these Dana Harel gowns are a must-have.