Off-the-Shoulder Styles We Love

Off-the-Shoulder Styles We Love

For decades, the off-the-shoulder neckline has been a mainstay of bridal fashion. It’s easy to understand why: the shape gives an effortlessly elegant look, immediately making your dress more romantic while giving you a timeless look. We love the off-the-shoulder neckline, as it works with a range of bridal styles. For brides who love this shape the way we do, we’re sharing some of our favorite dresses with off-the-shoulder necklines:

Kamala by Savin London

Dreamy and unique, this Savin London style features incredible floral applique details we can’t get enough of. Creating a dreamlike, nature-inspired beauty, the blooms adorn the neckline, the straps and cascade down the skirt for a gorgeous, intricate level of detail you’ll love even more in person.

Geneva by Kelly Faetanini

Simple, traditional, and breathtaking, this Kelly Faetanini design utilizes the off-the-shoulder neckline as the defining design element. The rest of the dress is a chic, flowing design, allowing the neckline to become the star of the show. Perfect for brides who love understated romance, this dress is the perfect timeless, romantic design.

Rosetta by Caroline Castigliano

Another floral design, this gown is less dramatic but with just as much elegance. The blooms stay on the bodice, flowing into the A-line skirt just enough to blend the two together. The simple skirt keeps things classic, contrasting the intricate bodice perfectly,

Aurora by Kelly Faetanini

Off-the-shoulder doesn’t have to mean off-the-shoulder straps—this gorgeous dress features off-the-shoulder illusion sleeves! A beautiful twist on two classic looks, we love how this combination creates a delicate bridal look that gives the dress a modern, vintage-inspired look.
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