Aug 05, 2019

Weddings are an exciting and emotional time for couples and their families. They are beacons of hope, expressions of love, and illustrations of commitment. When a couple looks back on their wedding day, they will see the entire event as it was on that special day. Wedding photographs last a lifetime and looking back on those images to find classic and still relevant elements, no matter how many years have passed, is a wonderful feeling. A bride never wants to look at her wedding photos and feel dated. Certain wedding trends come and go, but timeless styles are forever.


Less is more, keep it simple
Every bride has a vision of their wedding day. While some brides want an over the top, extravagant affair, others may want a more intimate and simple wedding. Preferences will vary, but the saying ‘less is more’ can still apply to every kind of bride. Centerpieces are a prime example of less is more, because, at the end of the night, they are most likely going to be thrown away. Maintaining a clean and simple theme doesn’t mean cutting out sophistication, but it can minimize the number of things required to throw a fantastic event.

Color palettes and wedding flowers add to the overall atmosphere of a wedding. Many wedding planning trends focus on large quantities of flowers and bold color schemes. While other wedding planning trends emphasize minimalistic ceremonies with small touches and soothing colors. 


Blend tradition with contemporary
Merging two families means taking pieces from both sides to create a unified experience. Many brides face a tough decision when it comes to melding tradition with more contemporary and modern aspects. Wedding planning trends will always bounce back and forth between traditional and contemporary; sometimes blending both elements, and other times keeping both elements completely separate.

For instance, lace is a very traditional fabric that has been donned by many brides throughout the years, but it can also be incorporated in a way that gives a nod to traditional while in a modern setting. Lace can be woven into a wedding through place settings, veils, dress fabric, and so many other variations that it can serve an amazing dual purpose for a bride that wants to toe the line between traditional and contemporary.


Choose a neutral color palette
Vibrant colors are certainly eye-catching and give a ‘wow’ factor, but there is something to be said about dreamy and ethereal soft neutrals. Wedding color palettes of ivory, various shades of beige, and white are all variations of classic colors that have stood the test of time. The great thing about neutrals is that they lend themselves to so many wedding styles. More importantly, a neutral wedding color palette does not mean boring. An outdoor themed wedding can focus on light-colored roses with soft greenery. An elegant and high-class wedding can make use of metallics. While beach themes can utilize sand and shell colored combinations. It’s also important to note that the entire wedding does not have to be neutral, weaving classic elements with current trends is the perfect way to marry traditional with contemporary.

Wedding planning trends are continually changing. Some of them come and go, while others transform into even more beautiful versions of the trend. Brides face a lot of decisions when it comes to wedding planning, but choosing trends shouldn’t be one that causes them to lose sleep. Find a vision and run with it; whether it’s traditional or contemporary, it has to be what the bride wants.