Our Top 5 Favorite Wedding Tips from Industry Professionals

Our Top 5 Favorite Wedding Tips from Industry Professionals

Our Top 5 Favorite Wedding Tips from Industry Professionals. Mobile Image

Oct 23, 2019

You’ve read all the books, magazines, and blogs about planning a wedding. Maybe you’ve installed all the apps, bought all the journals, and subscribed to every wedding vlog out there. Why not a few more wedding tips from the pros themselves? 

Even though this may be your very first wedding, it’s not ours. We have all the wedding planning tips you need from countless years of experience. Our wedding experts are offering insider secrets to planning your special day.


5 Essential Wedding Tips for Brides


1. Choose the right color palette
Don’t be overwhelmed with all the countless wedding inspiration outlets out there. Just pick one or two you like best, like Pinterest or a favorite bridal magazine and start exploring ideas. Whether you cut and paste what you like or create a digital vision board, you’ll start to see a pattern. Once you’ve found a few colors or a theme that suits your tastes, you’ll be able to build a whole wedding design that looks cohesive. It’ll be much easier to keep design elements aligned with structured guidelines to ensure a wedding that looks unified and beautiful. 


2. Hire vendors that you connect with
Work with vendors that vibe well with you. They should understand your vision and see it through to its fullest. Vendors should be reliable and trustworthy so that you have no doubts on the big day. If you have any last-minute changes or questions, you should feel completely comfortable exploring new ideas with them. Your vendors will be your go-to experts when it comes to getting everything you want for the wedding. 


3. Consider wedding guests
Think about how you want your wedding day to create a lasting impression on your guests. This will help prioritize what’s most important to you. Sit down with your fiancé and go over the top three essentials you want at your wedding. For instance, maybe you two want to prioritize food, drinks, and the DJ. Keep those details at the top of your priority list and be willing to negotiate everything else. You’ll be happy for some clear focal points in the midst of everything else!


4. Trim the budget by shortening the guest list
We know how easy it is to keep adding people to your guest list. Before you know it, the list is out of control along with your budget. Don’t fall into the trap of inviting people out of obligation. See if you and your fiance can shrink the guest list in 20% increments until you’re satisfied. You’ll be glad for the fewer headcount and lower cost. 


5. Hire a “day of” coordinator
While you don’t need to hire a full-service wedding planner, consider hiring a professional coordinator just for the big event. This person will oversee everything from vendors to keeping to a schedule. You won’t have time to make sure everything gets done and on time that day because you’ll be getting ready and celebrating. Leave your special day in the hands of someone who can take on all the stress so you don’t have to. 

We know that wedding planning isn’t easy. Fortunately, you have a lot of wedding planning tips at your fingertips to help. Remember to not get too caught up in the details, otherwise, you’ll miss what’s really important about your wedding day. 

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