Mar 03, 2020

Shopping for a wedding dress is not like your average shopping experience, so it definitely shouldn’t feel that way. It is easy to want to gather up your wedding party and head for a well-known box store, but opting for a local bridal shop will keep you from feeling like just another bride and provide you with that magical experience you’ve been dreaming of.


New Jersey bridal boutiques can offer you a much more personal feel. Instead of just being another customer in one of those chain franchises, at a local bridal shop, you truly become part of the family. Knowledgeable staff will take the time to get to know you, your likes and dislikes, your personality and style so they can create a personalized dress shopping experience.  

It is all about you

Smaller bridal boutiques will encourage you to refrain from bringing all of your friends so the experience can be all about you. They can provide access to the world’s top designers like Anne Barge and Sareh Nouri, but have the individualized charm you won’t receive at a chain store. You may be able to find what you need in one of these other stores but an NJ bridal boutique will give you the true one-on-one experience and care you deserve and will help reduce the stress that can come with the dress shopping experience.  



You will be paired with an experienced consultant who will become your partner and help you from start to finish. Because they will take the time to get to know you and your preferences they can assist you in selecting your dream wedding dress. In addition to making certain your gown fits perfectly, they can provide foresight into all of the latest and upcoming trends so you can decide on customizations and accessories that will make your dress uniquely yours. Your consultant will make sure you look and feel radiant for your grand occasion.



You’re preparing for a special day so your wedding dress should be special too. The relationships that the owners of these shops have forged over time can give you access to designers you will not be able to find anywhere else. There may even be times the NJ Bridal boutique will bring in the designer to create a new bridal gown or go over different customizations with you. This will ensure that you are receiving a one-of-a-kind experience instead of simply altering something that was mass-produced. 


Skip the New York traffic

It may seem like a great idea to go to the heart of the action by wedding dress shopping in a big city like New York, but it is beneficial to stay with a New Jersey bridal boutique which provides for a much easier experience. Going into the city for your dress selection may seem like a fun experience until you realize the multiple trips you will have to make after selecting your dress. Keep in mind you may have multiple fittings, customizations, and alterations leading up to your big day. Being local to your bridal shop will make this process so much easier by eliminating the need to travel, wait in traffic, pay tolls, and locate parking. Your personal wedding consultant can also suggest a great place to dine after a busy dress shopping session, turning this essential task into a much more enjoyable experience. 

Unique and intimate shops, personalized experience, access to talented designers, customization opportunities and convenient locations for multiple visits are just a few of the reasons to choose a NJ bridal boutique like Bridal Atelier.  Bridal Atelier is a couture bridal boutique in Montclair, NJ. Weaving elegance and quality with a luxe sensibility, Bridal Atelier’s thoughtfully curated dresses define moments and create memories.


We work with leading bridal designers, known for their refined aesthetic, forging close relationships that allow for customization and embellishment. Private appointments provide brides with an intimate experience, and our in-house team of design and tailoring specialists ensure that fitting and fine-tuning are always perfect.

We join brides on their journey, listening and learning to craft dresses that speak for each love story and narrate each wedding. Call us at 973-337-6361 or stop by the shop in Montclair.