Sep 22, 2019

Congratulations on your engagement! Now it is time to plan the wedding. Keep in mind that this is your day and the process of planning should be an enjoyable one. You have the opportunity to choose all of the details you want to see at your celebration. Booking the venue is going to be one of your biggest and most important tasks. It needs to be one of the first things you do in order to lock in a date. Gone are the days of conforming to just the traditional church and reception hall. While those are still in play, brides are increasingly looking for unique wedding ideas when it comes to choosing a venue. Let’s discuss a few options that might break the traditional mold when it comes to wedding venues.

City: Museum or Public Library
The venue will act as the backdrop for your big day. You want it to be beautiful since it will be on display in all of your pictures for years to come. Take a look around your favorite cities. Have you ever considered city museums or public libraries? Some feature modern and cutting-edge designs, while others are full of historic charm and character. These buildings often showcase a wide array of architectural creativity that will appeal to a variety of tastes. You might also be surprised that these buildings can sometimes be rented out for private events such as your wedding. All you have to do is ask. This is a unique wedding idea that all too often goes overlooked simply because they are not advertised as venues.


Outdoors: Destination like a National Park
Other great wedding ideas include taking advantage of outdoor locations. For instance, you might consider a beach or national park. Pick a location that has special meaning to you and your future spouse. Keep in mind these locations can sometimes require a permit in order to host an event and they will require more coordination with vendors to acquire all the amenities and decor you may want. However, you can’t beat the beauty of a natural landscape and who doesn’t love photos that take advantage of natural light? Weather is always a concern when choosing outdoor locations, however, and rightfully so. Just keep that in mind when picking a date. Consult a local almanac to better consider your risk or keep a backup plan in mind. Many couples plan their wedding ceremony in one spot and move the reception to another location altogether. The reception location can often serve as a backup if the weather takes a turn for the worse. One thing’s for sure, some of the most unforgettable pictures and scenery are found in nature’s beauty.


A restaurant can serve as a great wedding venue. They are already set up to serve large numbers of guests and many establishments are more than willing to allow reservations for private parties. It is a great advertising opportunity as it provides a chance for the owners to leave a positive impression on all of your guests. You will probably have the best chances of reserving an entire restaurant at locally owned places compared to large chains. If you and your fiancé have a place in mind, ask to speak to the owners and see if you can work something out. One great feature of restaurants is that they can often be a one-stop-shop in terms of venues. They can sometimes host both the ceremony and the wedding reception all in one location for a more intimate and unique feel without traveling to another location. Not to mention, when it’s all over, you will have secured your spot as the restaurant’s favorite patrons. 


Another great wedding idea is to consider reserving a building rooftop for your big day. This won’t likely be an option for every building, but you may be surprised at the number of places that will allow it. Contact building owners or property management companies to find all the details. Even if they don’t offer it, there is a good chance they can refer you to ones that do. Your best chances will be buildings that already feature rooftop restaurants or bars. The logistics might take some work, but the views and settings are bound to be something your guests will talk about for a while. 

There are so many options and unique wedding ideas that can be considered these days. Examples are found plastered all over the internet and social media. It seems that everyone wants to create a lasting impression that is different from all the rest. The important thing is to keep it authentic to you. It is your day and the process should be exciting and fun. Don’t allow the pressure of comparison to create unwarranted stress. 

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