Veil or No Veil? Choosing Bridal Veils and Accessories

Veil or No Veil? Choosing Bridal Veils and Accessories

Veil or No Veil? Choosing Bridal Veils and Accessories. Mobile Image

Oct 25, 2017

Once a bride has chosen her wedding dress, it's time to accessorize. When considering bridal veils and accessories, a common question is whether or not to wear a veil. The bridal veil has been a long-standing tradition among bridal accessories. While some brides feel the veil is a necessity, others feel it is an outdated tradition that should be left behind. Much like shopping for a wedding dress, you should shop for accessories with an open mind. Also, your dress can provide inspiration and direction when choosing bridal veils and accessories. Try on a few veils, even if you weren’t planning on wearing one and experiment with different headpieces and hair accessories. Veils come in a variety of different lengths and styles. You may find one that complements your dress and your personal style so perfectly that you just have to have it.


A classic, the cathedral veil is one of the most formal and is often referred to as the “royal veil”. Feminine and elegant, this veil sweeps the floor and falls three and a half yards from the bride’s headpiece. bridal shops in nj


Another long veil, the Spanish style mantilla can add a bit more romance to your wedding ensemble. It is a large circular piece of lace or lace-trimmed tulle that gracefully frames the bride’s face and is secured with a simple comb.


A bit less formal and perfect for showing off the bodice of your dress, the waltz length veil falls between the knee and ankle. It is a great option for the bride who likes a longer veil but doesn’t want to worry about tripping over it.


Another less formal option is the fingertip length veil. The name says it all providing a length that is easily manageable. It is a great choice for dresses with a fuller skirt such as a ball gown. This veil works well with crown or tiara style headpieces and is a popular choice with brides.


If you prefer veil that allows your wedding dress to take center stage yet still has a bit of length, this could be the veil for you. As you may have guessed, it falls to the bride’s elbow, typically about 25 inches.


A more casual veil that gives the impression it was an afterthought, the flyaway is a multi-layer veil that just grazes the bride's shoulders. This simple style is the perfect complement for an ornately embellished dress.


For the bride that wants to preserve the veil tradition without all the fuss, the blusher is a great choice. A short, single layer of veiling, the blusher is worn over the face before the ceremony, then flipped back or even removed for the reception. bridal shops in bergen county nj


If your wedding dress has a vintage vibe, you may want to consider a birdcage veil. Typically made of netting, the birdcage drapes off the head just 9 inches. This unique style adds a little mystery while leaving the lower half of the bride’s face unobscured.

Double Tier

The style is great for adding volume to a simple wedding dress or hairstyle. This veil is made up of two layers of tulle in different lengths. The shorter length is often a blusher and worn over the bride's face before the ceremony, then flipped back.

Veil or No Veil?

Whether or not you wear a veil is entirely a personal choice. Forget the tradition or what others think you should do. Wear a veil because you love the way it looks and the way it makes you feel. Or don’t wear one at all. There is a myriad of headpieces, hair accessories and bridal jewelry to choose from to complete your bridal ensemble.

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