Wedding Dress Journey

Wedding Dress Journey

Buying your wedding dress is one of the most significant steps in planning your wedding. You need to purchase at the right time so that you’re not worried about the dress in the weeks leading up and can focus on pulling together small details instead of stressing about your dress. 



When Do I Start Shopping?


We recommend starting wedding dress shopping nine to twelve months before your wedding. Then, once you’ve officially set your date and venue, you should start shopping for your dress. Knowing what your wedding day will look like will make shopping much more manageable. Shopping earlier also gives you more time to focus and think about what you want, so you can find a dress you are genuinely in love with!


I’ve Found the One! When Do I Order It? 


Your wedding dress isn’t made overnight—with intensely high quality and careful attention to detail, the entire process from sourcing materials to placing final embellishments takes several months. So, we recommend ordering your gown as soon as you find something you love, and as long as you’re shopping 9-12 month in advance you’ll be in good timing! That leaves ample time for your designer to construct your gown; you’ll need additional time for alterations. 





Yes! Your dress is ordered in the closest size to your measurements, but it is extremely common to need alterations once it arrives. Alterations ensure everything fits perfectly, from hemming your skirt to ensuring that length is perfect for your shoes to sculpting the bodice to fit you perfectly! Of course, you want to be sure everything is perfect with a luxury garment like your wedding dress. You’ll typically need about 2 months for the entire alterations process, during which you will have 2-3 fittings for your seamstress to make all of her adjustments. 



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