Wedding Dresses that Match the Style of Your Wedding

Wedding Dresses that Match the Style of Your Wedding

Wedding Dresses that Match the Style of Your Wedding. Mobile Image

Apr 24, 2019


As you start your wedding-dress research and choose designers and salons to visit, be sure to keep in mind the type of wedding you’re envisioning. It’s one of the first questions your bridal consultant will ask: What style of wedding are you having? Whether it’s romantic, on the beach, a formal black-tie affair or a chic event full of urban sophistication, the style of your wedding will determine the type of gown that you choose. So make sure that you’ve given this some thought before you go wedding-dress shopping. You don’t want to buy the first bridal gown you fall in love with only to realize that it’s not appropriate for the formality or simplicity of your wedding. Here are four different styles of weddings—and the wedding dresses that are perfectly suited for these events:

Romantic garden weddings
Nothing says romantic quite like lace, which is why lace bridal gowns are perfect for romantic settings like gardens. There are thousands of laces to choose from, and every silhouette can incorporate this delicate fabric, whether the entire gown is covered in lace or just small touches are used on the bodice, sleeves, or skirt. Pair lace with a tulle skirt for a truly romantic and feminine look. Ruffles, sweetheart necklines, sheer silk chiffons, and embroidery also add additional romantic touches. And don’t forget a long veil to top off your romantic look.

Beach and destination weddings
If you’re planning a beach or destination wedding, your choice of wedding dress is especially important. Sand, sun, and sweat can all work against you—and you should factor these into your decision. You’ll want to avoid heavy ball gowns or styles with large petticoats. Long trains are also not recommended. Instead, lightweight, soft and flowing bridal gowns in cool silks, lightweight crepes, and airy chiffons work beautifully on the beach. A-line wedding dresses are universally flattering and don’t have extra fabric that can weigh down your beach wedding dress. Since you’ll most likely be transporting your gown to your destination, try to find a fabric that will travel well, and be sure to ask your bridal salon for recommendations on how to pack and fold your gown so that it arrives in as good a condition as possible.

Black-tie events
If you’re planning a wedding that dictates black-tie, you’ll want to find a wedding gown that matches the formality of this event. Crisp, clean ball gowns, chic sheaths, and beaded mermaid-style wedding dresses are all beautiful choices for black-tie weddings. You’re most likely having a ballroom wedding, so you should dress the part complete with a timeless bridal gown, dramatic veil, stand out hair accessories, and gorgeous jewelry. Your guests will also be in long gowns, so you need to make sure that yours is truly bridal and the star of the evening.

Chic urban settings
Chic urban settings scream out for minimal, architectural styles. Column gowns, sheaths, and short wedding dresses are all perfect choices. You’ll want to focus on less lace and beading while you’re wedding-dress shopping and instead look for simple fabrics and clean lines. This is not the time for a ball gown with yards and yards of fabric in the skirt alone. Smart sophistication is instead the theme of the day. Your minimalist look will speak volumes about your personality and your event.

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