Aug 05, 2019

You said yes! Congratulations on your engagement! Now, the fun of wedding planning can begin. Before you start, remember that this is intended to be an enjoyable process and not just an enjoyable day. Don’t allow planning your wedding to stress you out beyond measure and get all caught up in the negatives. Not everything will go exactly how you may have imagined, but that is fine. Many times, it turns out even better. It is most important to remain calm and look for ways to find the best in every situation that you can. We have a few wedding tips to help you stay relaxed and enjoying every moment along the way. 


Stay in tune with your fiancé
Communication is key in any relationship. You probably already understand this since you have made it to the point of an engagement. The most important of all wedding tips is to stay in tune with your fiancé. Don’t get lost in the hoopla of planning the big day and subsequently lose track of each other. Keep in mind this is a day and event for the both of you. Communicate, communicate, communicate! Discuss each of your likes and dislikes and the aspects that are most important to each of you. Next, respect those opinions and find ways to compromise where you can. Nothing can put a damper on the wedding planning process like a couple that is arguing over party logistics. For that reason alone, maintaining healthy communication and staying sensitive to each other is the number one wedding tip we can offer.


Take care of yourself
This one is specifically a wedding tip for brides. Too much stress never looks good on anyone. That stress becomes far too apparent if you allow it. It wears heavily on people and only casts a negative light on brides. For these reasons it is essential that you take the time to take care of yourself throughout the process. Exercise, eat right, and relax. Also, be sure to go ahead and take the extra time to get those pedicures and massages you need without feeling guilty. Whatever it takes to help you unwind and maintain a sense of peace and calmness should be considered a critical need leading up to your big day. It isn’t selfish. This will help with mental focus and make everything seem to flow much smoother. There are a ton of details involved in planning a quality wedding. We don’t want to discount that fact and for this reason, we think that taking good care of yourself should be included on every list of wedding tips.   


Hire a “Day Of” coordinator
Some people hire wedding coordinators that handle the wedding planning process from start to finish. This is a great option for some brides while others might shy away from it for fear of giving up creative control. However, there is another option that we highly suggest to consider, at least. Hiring a “day of” coordinator will save everyone from a load of worries and frustrations. They essentially act as a wedding planner that only shows up for the rehearsal and the actual day of the wedding to coordinate all of the logistics behind the scenes to make things run smoothly. They take the planning and ideas that were already done and help to ensure they are executed according to your wishes. If there are any hiccups, their job is to make sure solutions are found before they catch the attention of the bride and groom. They are experts in the field with a variety of wedding planning tips and last-minute actions to handle any emergency or situation that might come up. This allows everyone else to enjoy the day and take in every moment and memory. 

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