Wedding Trends That Every Bride Should Consider for Their Reception

Wedding Trends That Every Bride Should Consider for Their Reception

Wedding Trends That Every Bride Should Consider for Their Reception. Mobile Image

Dec 25, 2019

When you’ve said your vows and sealed it with a kiss, it’s time to party. Invite everyone you love to join you in an amazing wedding reception to celebrate lifelong love and happiness. To make sure your reception is one to remember, consider the latest wedding trends to truly make the day special. 

From customized displays to blog-worthy desserts, your wedding reception will surprise and delight guests throughout the evening. 




Custom scents

With aromatherapy trending just by itself, it’s no wonder brides are opting for customized scents at their receptions. You can have beautifully personalized scented candles or essential oil diffusers that add to the theme. Think about citrusy scents to energize the space or a floral blend for romance. You can also have a perfume bar where guests can have fun mixing their own scents. That way everyone has something unique to take home and will remember the day every time their scent fills the air. 


Designer seating

Don’t settle for plain reception chairs. Give them an upgrade with custom covers of silk, ribbons, or sheer fabrics. Dazzling guests with chic seating is a wedding planning trend that shows the bride’s attention to detail while making them feel special. Consider a floral overlay to really make a statement. 


Elegant lounges

Have your guests step into a sophisticated New York City-inspired lounge area when they enter the reception. Instead of the typical round tables, use eye-catching shapes and sizes. Have plush couches centered around sleek glass coffee tables. Your cocktail hour will feel like a swanky lounge where guests will forget they’re not in Manhattan.


Fresh flowers

Popular wedding flowers are always a must for any wedding reception. Fill your reception with gorgeous fresh flowers like ranunculus, peonies, carnations, and of course, roses. Using calla lilies is another wedding flower trend for brides. Their trumpet blossoms bring a modern and sleek look to any wedding reception. 


Custom desserts

Emphasizing flavor is another popular wedding trend for brides and grooms. Instead of showcasing beautiful sweet creations that unfortunately lack flavor, couples are opting for both tastes and looks. And why shouldn’t they? Nowadays, bakers can use flavored fondant instead of unflavored to really make their cakes taste exceptional. Think chocolate cherry, mocha, melon, and buttercream flavors. Brides and grooms can have everything they want in one bite!


The coupe

Traditional champagne flutes have fallen by the wayside to make room for the coupe, or saucer, style glass. This stemware trend isn’t new, but it’s making a comeback. Instead of sharing a toast with flutes, consider the trendy champagne coupe as an alternative. Your guests will be delighted with the change!


Children’s activities

If children will be attending your wedding reception, keep them busy with fun wedding-themed activities. Include an interactive kids’ corner where they can have just as much fun as the adults. Coloring books, crayons, games, and more can keep kids engaged while their parents enjoy the festivities. 

Consider any of these wedding trends for your reception to really stand out. Whether you create memories through scents, desserts, or style, your guests will leave energized and happy. Your unique and trendy details won’t go unnoticed!

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