What to Bring to Your Wedding Gown Appointment at a Bridal Shop

What to Bring to Your Wedding Gown Appointment at a Bridal Shop

What to Bring to Your Wedding Gown Appointment at a Bridal Shop. Mobile Image

May 01, 2019



You’ve set the date, chosen your venue, and now it’s time to find your wedding gown!

Chances are that the last time you went formal-dress shopping was either for your prom or as a bridesmaid in another wedding. But nothing is like shopping for your wedding gown in the bridal shop for the first time. Whether you’ve been dreaming about this dress since you were a little girl or you’re not sure which style or silhouette will look best on you, this appointment can be a stressful day—no matter how much you’ve been looking forward to it.

To make sure you have the best experience possible at the bridal shop, we’ve put together a list of items you should bring. You’ll be in great hands with your bridal store’s stylist as far as finding the perfect gown, and with these items, you’ll be completely prepared for your appointment.

1. The right foundation garments
A strapless bra is all you’ll need, right? Well, think again. There’s an entire world of foundation garments that you’ve probably never even heard of yet. While you won’t know exactly which undergarments you’ll need on your wedding day until you select your exact gown—these range from Spanx and body-slimming slips to bustiers and low-back brassieres—you’ll still want to be prepared for your first shopping trip. Bring that strapless bra along if you own one, and wear conservative underwear since you’ll be getting in and out of gowns in front of the bridal-store consultant. Many brides also choose to bring along body-slimming shapewear to get the best idea of how the gowns will look on them.

2. Shoes
It’s also important to bring a pair of shoes to the bridal shop that are similar to what you think you might wear on your big day. If you know that you’ll be wearing four-inch stilettos down the aisle, bring a pair with a similar heel. If flats or Keds are more your style, bring along shoes without a heel. While the exact heel height is essential for your dress fittings once you’ve chosen your gown, it’s still helpful to bring a similar shoe to your first round of shopping at the bridal stores.

3. Support group
If there is someone’s opinion that you highly value, definitely bring them to your appointment at the bridal-gown boutique. But don’t overdo it with a large number of guests. Brides typically bring their mom, sister, maid of honor, or a few bridesmaids. If you have a large bridal party, you’ll want to be selective as to who you invite. Some wedding-dress stores limit the number of guests you can bring, so be sure to ask when you make an appointment. It’s typically best to stick to four or five at the maximum. And keep in mind that the more people you bring, the more opinions you’ll have. Ideally, you’ll want an honest group that will express their opinions while also being sensitive to your feelings and overall vision.

But perhaps the most important thing you should bring to the wedding-dress store is an open mind. Your bridal-shop consultant is an expert on the different styles and silhouettes of gowns that exist and has the experience to find your perfect wedding dress. Let them recommend styles you might not have ever considered, and you’re sure to find “the one.”

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