Why Every Bride Needs to Consider Having Wedding Dress Alterations

Why Every Bride Needs to Consider Having Wedding Dress Alterations

Why Every Bride Needs to Consider Having Wedding Dress Alterations. Mobile Image

May 29, 2019


Finding a wedding gown is an extraordinary moment for brides; it’s the moment they see themselves walking down the aisle towards the person they love most. It also signifies a new chapter in life for the bride and her family. Choosing a wedding dress is half the battle. The bridal industry has a very different sizing system than most clothing, which sometimes means extensive wedding dress alterations. Many designers cut dresses small, meaning full-figured brides have to order dresses in sizes they usually wouldn’t. Even petite brides sometimes have to order up a size, only to have the dress tapered back down to their exact size.

Your wedding dress should fit you like it was made for you on your special day. Do yourself a favor. Get your bridal gown altered.

Standard Sizing
Bridal gown sizing is not consistent with the sizes you find in ready to wear garments purchased at major retailers. Though bridal sizes do vary from one designer to the next, it is fair to say the bridal gowns run smaller than street sizes, so don’t be alarmed if your dress is a size 10 when you are typically a size 6. It’s about the measurements, not the number on the tag. Unless you are ordering a custom size or made to order dress, bridal gowns are typically ordered according to your largest measurement in standard sizes. Whether you’re the bride or part of the bridal party, some alteration to your garment should be expected to ensure that the gown fits your body.

Otherwise, you run the risk of your dress being too tight in certain areas, too loose in others, or just altogether wholly unflattering.

Perfect Fit
The whole point of wearing a wedding gown is to feel beautiful and special on your wedding day. Remember, you’re going to be photographed constantly, so it’s not a time to compromise on fit. Depending on your silhouette, you don’t want to find yourself unable to sit down, eat, or dance in your dress all because the fit isn’t right. Moreover, you don’t want to be pulling up your dress all night because it’s too loose or too tight.

Your wedding dress should feel like a comforting hug, not too tight or too loose, but just right as it settles against your skin. Wedding gown alterations may seem like an added cost that you don’t want to handle, but it truly is a crucial aspect of finding your gown.

It’s a rare bride that will be able to fit perfectly in a sample size gown. Bridal gowns aren’t made for you to take off the rack and bring home. A dress needs to be ordered in your size and then altered to fit your exact body shape. Once your gown is purchased, it will take a few months for your dress to come in. Once it arrives, you can expect three alteration appointments at various intervals between then and your wedding.

Alterations is the stage when a bride can truly customize her gown to fit her body. Wedding dress seamstresses will then be able to pin fabric that is either too loose or too tight, alter necklines, add/remove sleeves, add embellishments, and fix the hem if the dress is too long. Bridal gown alterations are the final steps before the big day. Any last-minute details or even significant changes happen during this stage.

Wedding gown alterations can drastically change how a bride feels in her dress. The last thing a bride wants to see when she tries on her wedding dress is certain areas fitting too snug, or the dress sizing is off, and she ends up swimming in fabric — having a dress altered can address all of a bride’s worries and ensure that the dress is perfect on the wedding day.

If you have any questions about dress alterations or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.