Feb 06, 2019

For most brides, choosing their wedding dress is one of the most important decisions when planning their wedding. Brides want to wear something timeless and classic, while also incorporating their own unique style. But how does a bride even begin to look for her perfect gown? It all starts with the right bridal salon.

Though there are plenty of bridal stores out there, you need to narrow down the list to find one that suits your own style and personality. First, figure out what kind of shopping experience you’re after. For example, do you want to try on gowns in an intimate bridal gown boutique or a superstore? And what style are you looking for? Are you more of a vintage bride or do you envision a more modern look? Once you know your personal style, ask for referrals from friends and call before you visit to confirm what they offer and to schedule an appointment. You don’t want to waste time at a bridal shop that doesn’t carry what you’re looking for.

Choosing the right bridal shop is the first step in finding your dream gown. And once you find the perfect wedding gown, you’ll be more comfortable and confident throughout the entire wedding planning process. Here are three more reasons why choosing a bridal salon that reflects your personal style is so important…


1. Comfort and style
Knowing which silhouettes and styles you’d prefer for your wedding day will help at your first appointment. If you don’t normally like strapless or form-fitting gowns, you probably won’t want to wear them on your wedding day either. Now is not the time to become adventurous and burst out of your comfort zone. An experienced bridal shop will recognize which silhouettes and styles are most flattering on you and will go to great lengths to see you feeling beautiful.


2. They’ll listen
Walking into a wedding-gown salon that embodies your personality and style guarantees you have someone who understands your wishes. This shopping experience isn’t just about pulling gorgeous dresses from a rack, but is also about understanding what you want as a bride, and how you envision yourself on your wedding day. Experienced bridal consultants will listen to what you want and can provide what you’re looking for. Do you want classic, comfortable, glamorous, or romantic? The right consultant will listen to your requests and provide gowns that reflect your wishes.


3. It will be easier to find your gown
When you go to a bridal store that caters to your style, finding the right dress of your dreams becomes much more straightforward. The consultant can easily offer options that match your criteria. Then, he or she might even give options to try that you might not have initially considered. Don’t be afraid to trust them. After all, they know what usually works and what doesn’t. Just remember to zero in on how you feel in each dress. You need to feel stunning, beautiful, and confident.

According to a 2016 study, brides and grooms are prioritizing personalization at their weddings. The best place to start is at your wedding gown salon. Visiting a bridal shop that reflects your own style will greatly enhance the experience. You’ll have experts on-hand ready to help, and your wants and desires will be their number-one priority. Once that magical moment of finding the perfect dress happens, you’ll be glad you did your research.

If you’re ready to find the wedding gown of your dreams, make an appointment with us today!