With So Many Wedding Gown Designs How Do I Know I Chose the Right One?

With So Many Wedding Gown Designs How Do I Know I Chose the Right One?

With So Many Wedding Gown Designs How Do I Know I Chose the Right One?. Mobile Image

Jun 19, 2019


Congratulations on your engagement! With your big day on its way, you are likely anxious to start the hunt for the perfect wedding gown. You can look through countless bridal magazines, pictures, and websites to see the latest styles and trends in designer wedding dresses. Maybe you are drawn to something more vintage or traditional. With so many wedding gown designs to choose from, how do you know which one is the right one for you? Don’t stress! Here are some tips to help ease your mind and trust that you will find a wedding dress that is perfect.

How does it make you feel?

Let’s face it, there needs to be an emotional connection with the dress you choose. Everyone has different tastes and that is perfectly okay. There is no right or wrong style. It is up to your personal preferences and ultimately what feels right to you. Some wedding gown designs may not be quite as modest as you prefer, or maybe they have too much lace. You know what you like better than anyone else, so make sure the gown makes you feel the way you want to feel on your special day regardless of current trends.

Does one dress become the basis for judging all the others?

When you start trying on and looking at dresses, do you find yourself comparing all the other dresses back to one particular dress you have already seen or tried on? If the answer is yes, then you may already have your answer. Something is drawing you to compare everything to that particular gown. It might be a good idea to note what things you liked about it specifically. Was it the cut, the material, or the detail that attracted you? Whatever it was, take the things you liked about it and use them as guides in searching for similar options. This will help you to work your way through the sea of wedding gown designs and find that perfect one.

Consider the theme

What is the overall theme of your wedding? Do you prefer whimsical, or glitz and glam? One style might better compliment a more flowy and simplistic gown with maybe a flower crown as opposed to a traditional veil. The other might lend itself to a design favored by many luxury wedding dresses that are full of beaded and crystal details that make a dress stand out. Whatever it is, using the stylistic theme of your wedding is a great way to help narrow down the choices.

Go With Your Gut

Your gut is the ultimate decision maker in the process. You know what you like and can afford. Don’t let too many outsiders voice their opinions and critiques. It is your day and you are the final decision maker. Pick what feels right to you. In the beginning, it’s important to be open to trying different wedding gown designs that maybe you would not have normally considered. It is pretty common for brides to find themselves drawn to a completely different style than they originally thought. Some designs are more flattering on different body shapes than others and brides change their minds once they give them a chance. Once you find the style, start narrowing down the details and remember you can always ask for custom changes.

Combing through wedding dress designs should be a fun process and not something that gives you a headache. Using these tips might help you come to a decision and relieve some of the stress. If you want additional help from a proven and trusted source, contact us and allow us to provide you with a truly customized experience from a team of professionals that specializes in helping brides like you.