Rachel and the entire team at Bridal Atelier Montclair are absolutely amazing! The entire experience made me feel so special and like the team really cared about me. BAM was my first and last stop looking for a wedding dress! I loved the intimate experience at the salon-- it really makes looking for dresses feel special. Rachel and her team made sure my dress fit me PERFECTLY and were so helpful and communicative in making sure that everything was wonderful. I cannot recommend Bridal Atelier Montclair enough


- Maria L from The Knot

Such a wonderful, intimate experience at this small shop. They carry such beautiful collections. I came in specifically for a Sareh Nouri trunk show and found the most special, perfect dress. The owner of the shop was very involved from the first day trying on, to all the fittings and she put my dress in my hand the day I picked it up. The alterations through the store are so professional and expertly done as well. They truly treat each dress as a piece of art to be treated with the utmost respect and care. I could not have been happier.


- Caitlin M from The Knot

An absolute gem & dream of a store. I’m not quite sure why you’d go anywhere else—and in fact, I didn’t! After accompanying my sister throughout her dress search, wherein she ended up purchasing her dream dress at Bridal Atelier, I was certain when my time came I would work with Rachel and team. It only took me one appointment to find my dream dress—that I had seen in their beautiful window display a few months earlier!

The store is immaculate and beautiful, and it is clear each dress is selected and handled with care. Rachel has incredible taste—the dresses, accessories & designers she has collated are stunning and sophisticated. While the store may look small from the outside, there is a huge range of dresses on the inside. I almost wish it hadn’t only taken me one appointment to find my dress so that I could continue to play dress-up!

The dress-finding experience itself is seamless. You fill out a questionnaire before the appointment & speak with the team upon arrival. The consultants are kind and talented, pulling a range of dresses within your desired aesthetic and price range, and never make you feel uncomfortable or pressured. I truly had the best time working with Courtney, and Kaelyn was also a gem. I also really loved the fact that you have the store to yourself during your appointment – no distractions or opinions from strangers – just an intimate and special experience with you and your guests.

Once you select your dress, true to their namesake, Deb and Rachel work magic to have the dress really fit your body. They have keen eyes for detail and leave no stone unturned when it comes to the fit of the dress, even under the tightest of timelines.

Rachel, her team, and the designer (thank you!!) worked miracles to ensure I could wear my dream dress on my wedding day. We had a bit of a unique situation, and they were so kind, caring and made me feel so confident that everything would work out – and it did. If you are lucky enough to be able to go to Bridal Atelier – enjoy it your special experience!


- Amy D from Google

If I could give Rachel, Deb and the entire Bridal Atelier team greater than a 5-star rating I would. I had an amazing experience selecting my wedding gown at Bridal Atelier. Rachel is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also creative in doing all that it takes to make your vision come to life (even when you're not sure exactly what your vision is).
I selected a gown that I loved, but was just missing a little something to really make it sparkle. Rachel suggested adding this floral applique that contained some beading, and my dress went from great to magical!
Rachel and the entire team were always patient and kind and made what could be a stressful time, very pleasant and fun. I highly, highly recommend buying your wedding dress from them! The team is there with you through the entire process and assuage all your concerns (no matter how silly or vain :) There are not enough words to express my gratitude, so I will just end this review with a BIG THANK YOU to Rachel and her team!!


- Vanessa T from Google

 "I loved my entire experience with Bridal Atelier, from beginning to end! Kaelyn picked the perfect dress for me (knowing what I wanted before I even did!), and the process was so calm and easy with both her and Rachel supporting me. The alterations process was personalized and a pleasure, and Rachel helped my pick my accessories, as well as the PERFECT veil. They also made preserving my dress easy! I would recommend Bridal Atelier over and over - they are the best!"


- Allison Z from Google

"I can’t say enough good things about Bridal Atelier. From the moment I stepped into the shop Rachel listened to what I wanted and knew my vision even better than I did myself. Deb was an amazing seamstress and made my dress fit like a glove. I cannot say more positive things about this shop and it’s staff. If you’re looking for an all around amazing wedding dress experience I HIGHLY recommend taking a trip here. I would recommend it to all!!"


-Maggie M from The Knot

"What an amazing experience! Kaelyn was the perfect person to guide me through my first dress shopping appointment, and she helped me find the perfect dress! Working with such a select group of designers helped me narrow down to a gorgeous customized dress."


-Christine M from The Knot

"Rachel, Kaelyn, and Deb were the BEST to work with!!!! I could not find my dress and tried to describe my vision, and they simply brought it to life. Without them, I would not have found my dream wedding dress! They have such an amazing vision and truly understood me! They are the most amazing team to work with!!"


-Emily H from Google

"Bridal Altelier Montclair is absolutely incredible!! Rachel, the owner, closed the store down for my private appointment and gave us such a special, VIP experience. I have never experienced anything else like it. I felt like we were in a movie! My entourage felt so comfortable and relaxed, which really means a lot - my sister has autism and sometimes her behaviors can make people stare (especially in an upscale store), but Rachel was SO sweet and understanding. For context, this was after 7 shopping trips at stores like Kleinfeld, which were really disappointing...I felt rushed, stressed and totally overwhelmed. By contrast, Rachel could not have been kinder or more patient. She took the time to understand my vision, what I liked and disliked, and she pulled the perfect dresses for me. It was hands down the most fun and magical experience I've had during my entire wedding planning process! I highly recommend making an appointment. I'm so happy I did!"


-Lisa M from The Knot

"I found my perfect wedding dress here and all thanks to Racheal for being such a great listener and welcoming. Managed to find a last minute of the rack dress that needed minor alterations and had everything I was looking for. Recommending all my friends and family to stop for their dress here first !" 


-Samantha M from Google

"Rachel and her team at Bridal Atelier Montclair are absolutely superb. They create a comfortable and personalized environment at every single appointment. The curated selection of gowns are simply stunning. Rachel is incredibly knowledgeable and kind - just the best person to work with when searching for your dream gown! Deb, the shop’s seamstress, is equally as talented! She tweaked my dress perfectly and spent ample time in each fitting ensuring all hems/seams/etc. were perfect. Highly recommend visiting this amazing atelier!"


-Amanda D from The Knot

"If you are overwhelmed with your bridal gown search, look no further. Bride Atelier is the best place to have a unique and intimate experience. Every time I go in the shop, I always seemed to find a dress I loved (outside of my own). Rachel, Kaelyn and Deb we're absolutely wonderful to work with - their attention to detail throughout the process was truly appreciative, and I never felt more myself than in my dress! From start to finish, the experience was truly exceptional. Highly recommend!"


-Ali Blankmeyer from Google

"Rachel and her team are super knowledgeable and organized, and they made the whole process of buying a dress (and having it altered) so much less stressful. It’s a small shop, but every dress is absolutely stunning! It’s a beautifully curated collection, and I felt there was plenty of different styles to try.

I especially loved the experience of being the only bride in the shop when trying on dresses. It truly made the day that much more special!"


-Noelle P from Google

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Rachel, Kaelyn, and Deb for my dress selection and alterations. Rachel has an exceptional eye and exquisite selection of gowns to try on. Rachel and her team made the process so effortless, efficient, and easy. Being a bride, let alone a Covid bride, is challenging enough. They always put me at ease every step of the way and I can't thank them enough for making it as stress-free as possible. The best compliment I could've gotten on my wedding day was that the dress was "so me." They really understood my vision and geared me toward my dream dress. I almost wish I didn't find my dress as quickly as I did because it was so wonderful to work with them. I cannot say enough good things about them and wish I could give them 10 stars."


-Shannon C from Google

"Bridal Atelier Montclair is the absolute best place to get your wedding dress and bridal accessories. The owner Rachel is amazing to work with - she gives you her undivided attention and works with you throughout the entire process to make sure you get the perfect dress. I knew I wanted to get my dress there as my sister had done so previously, and her dress was stunning and I remembered how enjoyable and easy Rachel made everything. From start to finish this was such a great experience (and I really do not like shopping or trying clothes on)! From my vague description she was able to pick the perfect dresses for me to try on. The collection of gowns at Bridal Atelier Montclair is so carefully curated - I ended up with a gorgeous Caroline Castigliano gown and could not have been happier, while my sister went with a Flora gown. Rachel provides a bespoke experience with truly one on one attention throughout every step of the process. My wedding was pushed back a year and Rachel kindly kept my dress at the boutique the entire time and it was ready and waiting for me (and even more beautiful than when I selected it!). Rachel makes sure that everything is done and attended to in a timely manner so that your wedding dress being perfect is one aspect you do not need to stress about. Not only was I able to get my dress from Bridal Atelier Montclair, but also my jewelry and veil! From picking my dress to having it tailored to getting my jewelry and veil, the process was seamless. I cant recommend Bridal Atelier Montclair highly enough."


-Allyson R from Google

"I could truly never have imagined a better experience picking out my wedding dress than at Bridal Atelier. Rachel and the team at Bridal Atelier are so amazing to work with. When I first started to look I was unsure of what I wanted, but Rachel helped pick the perfect dresses for me to try. The dresses at Bridal Atelier are so stunning and there is really something for everyone. My family, friends, and I had the whole Bridal Salon to ourselves each time I came in to try on my dress and do all of the fittings. We felt so comfortable and at home every time we came in. Bridal Atelier is THE BEST. If you want to have a one of a kind experience finding the perfect dress you need to come here!"


-Alyssa H from Google

"I truly I had the most wonderful experience here - my dress was a match made in heaven! after seeing an instagram post of my dream dress from Flora Bridal, I immediately reached out to the company (who are based in Israel) asking if they were doing any pop ups in the states! THEY WERE. and it was at the town nearby and close to home and happened to be the town I went to college in! the owner, rachel, was the sweeeetest and most helpful from the moment I reached out to them about the flora dress. highly recommend! xx"


-Jenna S from Google

"My experience could not have been better! Rachel was so helpful and thoughtful. She guided me through the process of making some customizations to my dress, making me feel so comfortable with every step in the process. The selection of dresses is amazing - so many choices, yet not overwhelming. Could not recommend Bridal Atelier enough!"


-Anna Q from Google

"My first appointment at Bridal Atelier Montclair was in January of 2021 for my October wedding. Rachel (owner) and Kaelyn (FAB gown consultant) were so incredibly welcoming and helpful and the boutique is adorably designed! They only take one appointment at a time so you get a totally focused, private experience while you are trying on dresses! The designer selection is also great, there is a good range of styles for each designer from the more classic cuts and fabrics to the more modern ones, too. It is the perfect amount so to not feel overwhelmed by the selection. During the appointment itself, Kaelyn truly listened to what I was looking for. I had my heart set on one designer, and upon trying on the dresses, I didn't get the feeling I was hoping for. Understanding my vision, Kaelyn used her experience to pull some additional gowns by a few other designers which I ended up absolutely loving and going with! I actually visited a couple other boutiques after Bridal Atelier Montclair, trying on some of the same dresses I wore there, and because of the amazing experience, decided to return to Montclair to make my final purchase. Rachel absolutely has a system in place to get your fittings/accessories sorted ahead of your big day. I had to change my first of three alternation sessions and they were SO accommodating despite their busy schedule. Deb (seamstress) was so efficient and amazing, really making sure I would be comfortable on my big day! I also ended up purchasing my veil here and am planning to have my gown cleaned and preserved through the team as well. I would absolutely recommend visiting Bridal Atelier Montclair. They do an amazing job creating a relaxed and intimate atmosphere for your appointment and a great job getting what you need ahead of your big day."


-Michelle F from Google

"Rachel and her team are absolutely wonderful!! I found Bridal Atelier Montclair when looking for boutiques that carry Flora Bridal gowns, and the moment I stepped into the store, I knew I'd be saying "yes to the dress." Rachel was warm and welcoming, making sure everyone in my party was comfortable and involved while I was trying on dresses. And the selection of dresses was truly stunning. After going to at least 5 other places and not finding a single dress I loved, I actually fell in love with 2 dresses that day!!
I also did my dress alterations here and the process was seamless (no pun intended!). My dress arrived fitting perfectly everywhere but the bust (which was to be expected), but they were able to take it in so it fit me live a glove. I also purchased my jewelry here and it was perfect!! Highly, highly recommend to any bride-to-be!"


-Chelsea T from Wedding Wire

"I cannot thank Rachel and the staff at Bridal Atelier enough for my amazing wedding dress! The quality and selection is unmatched by any other salon I visited.
Another salon had talked me into a different dress, and for months I couldn't stop thinking about the Kelly Faetanini dresses I had seen at Bridal Atelier. Rachel answered all my questions and made it clear that she was there to help me make the right decision! There was no pressure to decide. They let me know when there would be a trunk show for Kelly and made sure I got the perfect gown at the best price! I haven't stopped smiling since I bought it! Thank you!!"


-Lauren D from Wedding Wire